The new Kinfo App – helping busy Parents on the Go!


Kinfo helps parents to share recommendations about kids activities anywhere, anytime. Kinfo is a free app, currently only available on iOS, designed by a busy mum of 3 to help you instantly discover a selection of activities that other kids have enjoyed and which parents are happy to share. It is really easy to use, you can: recommend days out or activities that you have enjoyed recommend books, films and crafts ‘like’ recommendations follow parents whose recommendations you like search… Continue Reading “The new Kinfo App – helping busy Parents on the Go!”

Gift Ideas for the whole family


I am normally really organised for Christmas and would have finished my Christmas shopping by now, but this year has been a spectacular fail. I always take advantage of the voucher system like Nectar and Clubcard, but this year they have changed how they work and we were not able to double up our Clubcard points and our Nectar points just didn’t add up to much. I tried to get presents on Black Friday / Cyber Monday but the ones… Continue Reading “Gift Ideas for the whole family”

Our Top 5 Games to Break Out this Christmas


The Christmas tradition in our house is definitely breaking out the games. From making a fool of ourselves singing karaoke, dancing like we have no inhibitions or the more traditional board games, you can guarantee you will hear roars of laughter from our house over the Christmas break – just perhaps not when Dr Who is on! I feel like we are a year late with this one, but Abbey has bought Pie Face and cannot wait to break it out… Continue Reading “Our Top 5 Games to Break Out this Christmas”

Choosing the Right Car for a Growing Family


The family car is the second biggest purchase you will likely ever make, after your house. There’s no single family car that’s going to win the day, though. The car you choose will differ depending on growing family size and circumstances. You have to decide what needs your family has and then what car can fulfil those needs. So which car wins out in each category? Best Budget Car If you are out for something that does the job without… Continue Reading “Choosing the Right Car for a Growing Family”

Anyone for Tennis? #GBTW


My Mum is Wimbledon obsessed. When she gave birth to me many years ago on 21st June it was the beginning of her passion for the game as in those days they kept Mum’s in hospital for two weeks after having a baby, and she staved off boredom by watching Wimbledon on the TV. She desperately tried to instill that passion in me by paying for me to have lessons as a child. Sadly, it was clear that I was… Continue Reading “Anyone for Tennis? #GBTW”