Spring Style: Incorporating Pastel Pink into Your Interiors

Pink Gerbera's

With spring finally upon us, it’s time to embrace the stylish trends of the season and introduce them to our homes décor. One trend that has really taken off throughout 2016 and is continuing to stay strong throughout 2017 is pastel pink décor. Pastel pinks may seem like a challenge when it comes to your interiors, however there are a selection of different ways that you can incorporate the delicate colour scheme into your décor, without changing the feel or… Continue Reading “Spring Style: Incorporating Pastel Pink into Your Interiors”

How to Create a ‘Hotel Style’ Master Bedroom


If you’re thinking of updating your master bedroom, you might be wondering what style to go for. Well, why not look towards hotels for inspiration? ‘Hotel style’ can form the basis of a beautiful bedroom, helping you to create a space you really want to spend time in. But, the first thing to do is identify what ‘hotel style’ means to you. There are many different types of interior design in our favourite hotels, ranging from traditional to very contemporary… Continue Reading “How to Create a ‘Hotel Style’ Master Bedroom”

Ideas for decorating the kid’s bedroom


With the days starting to get a little shorter, it seems like the perfect time to have a think about how we can make our children’s bedroom a little cosier for the winter months. Decorating a kid’s bedroom is certainly much more fun than other rooms in the house, as this is an area where we can all use our imaginations to create some designs that are full of colour and wonder. Whilst there are always items like children’s desks… Continue Reading “Ideas for decorating the kid’s bedroom”

Creating The Perfect Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Ever tried to give your children what they want in their bedroom? It’s like dealing with an indecisive ball of energy because one minute they want this and the next they want that. Over time, you tend to get into a rhythm, and you can predict what they actually want. Putting together a child’s bedroom is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever have to overcome. After all, this is where they’ll spend an enormous amount of their time,… Continue Reading “Creating The Perfect Kids Bedroom”