Shopping Tips for Expectant Parents: What to Look for When Buying Your Baby’s Car Seat

Sebastian car seat

With almost 1.3 million people dying in road accidents every year, it’s no secret that car seats are seen as an essential component of any parent’s car. However, some may see car seats as an inconvenience and don’t take them seriously enough, simply by underestimating how important they actually are to a child’s safety when on the road. Buying the right car seat for both your child and the type of vehicle you have is vital, and is likely to… Continue Reading “Shopping Tips for Expectant Parents: What to Look for When Buying Your Baby’s Car Seat”

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool!


Our children have all swam since they were babies as it is a life skill I think every child should have. We are now at the stage where they are all confident in the water and it is just Sebby that needs a water aid to swim, although I don’t think it will be long until he can swim completely unaided too. Before Christmas Isaac had a trial with Bournemouth Swimming Club who are a competitive swimming team associated with… Continue Reading “Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool!”

Top Water Safety Tips for Parents


Living by the coast means water safety is something we have taught the kids from an early age. The STA, a leading UK charity that is dedicated to the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques, has launched its annual national water safety week on 6th June, with a host of events and activities taking place all over the country designed to raise awareness about the importance of water safety. Richard Timms, STA’s President, said the campaign, which runs from 6th-10th… Continue Reading “Top Water Safety Tips for Parents”

The Kids Dress Kids Challenge #KidsDressKids

Kids Dress Kids

Just before half term the kids got to choose a selection of clothes from some kids clothing style boards sent by House of Fraser. Now, I love my children but they don’t have the best dress sense so I was a little worried when it came to letting them choose what they wanted to wear. Isaac often comes downstairs in mismatching clothing and Eliza just loves to dress up like her favourite princesses. Isaac has a few birthday parties coming… Continue Reading “The Kids Dress Kids Challenge #KidsDressKids”

Keen’s Children Shoes and Basin Boots Review

Keen Basin Boots

KEEN’s children’s collection is loved by big and little explorers alike, renowned and respected for comfort, performance, kid friendly features and fun, contemporary styling. With a fantastic range of colours and styles coupled with unique features such as protective toe boxes, robust grippy outsoles and highly cushioned midsoles and arch supports, KEENs are a firm favourite year on year. From simply gorgeous cosy crib shoes, all the way through to super toasty insulted winter boots and tough, fast and light… Continue Reading “Keen’s Children Shoes and Basin Boots Review”