Tidy Freaks – the ultimate way to keep your car clean


When we bought our new car last year I was adamant that there would be no food and drink in the car and it would remain clean and tidy. It is safe to say that rule didn’t last long as we do some fairly long journeys and the kids need food and drink to keep them sustained. The trouble with food in cars is that it creates mess and my cigarette pot that we use for rubbish in the front… Continue Reading “Tidy Freaks – the ultimate way to keep your car clean”

The Average Family Car

Choosing a family car can be a tricky experience. I have to admit that when it was time to change ours last year I was really looking forward to the search but I actually found it incredibly stressful. I knew we needed a 7 seater, which did limit our choices quite substantially but what I wasn’t prepared for was car dealers that were literally trying to force you to sign then and there for a car which you felt was… Continue Reading “The Average Family Car”

Motoring Money Saving Tips for January


Driving these days can cost a fortune. While the price of fuel is finally starting to come down, there are still a lot of other motoring expenses that you need to worry about. If you’re looking to cut down on your expenses this year then there are a few useful tips that can help. Below you’ll discover the best motoring money saving tips to get you started. Saving on your car insurance Car insurance is the biggest expense drivers need… Continue Reading “Motoring Money Saving Tips for January”

New Shoes, for the car?

 Who doesn’t love a new pair of good quality shoes? That feeling when you slip your feet inside them and admire them in the mirror cannot be beaten and you walk around with that “new shoe smile” all day! Cars don’t have feelings, but they need new shoes too and you still get that warm glow looking a the lovely set of gleaming black tyres when you take it away from the garage, or after having it washed! I am… Continue Reading “New Shoes, for the car?”

Car winter maintenance tips from the professionals


As Jack Frost starts wreaking havoc overnight, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your trusty vehicle to ensure it remains trusty on the road in the winter months. The cold can play havoc on any car, old or new, but if you keep the following top tips in mind then you should be breakdown free throughout the chilly spell. Batteries are one of the most common failures over the winter months. When driving in the cold the… Continue Reading “Car winter maintenance tips from the professionals”