Milestone Moments

Sebastian car seat

Having a baby opens up a whole world of milestone moments. I always think that people should be given a pink flashing light to put on top of the car for baby’s first journey home as it is probably the slowest, most careful drive you have ever undertaken………well that and when carrying a delicate birthday / wedding cake in the passenger seat. Keeping babies and young children safe in the car is essential these days, although as a child of the… Continue Reading “Milestone Moments”

Radio Controlled Inflatable Lightening McQueen Review

Lightening McQueen

Sebastian is Cars mad, or should I say Disney Cars mad! His bedroom is decorated with all the characters including favourites Mater and Lightening McQueen. He is collecting every single variation of Mater from Maters Tall Tales, with Tokyo Drift Mater being his favourite so far as it does donuts on the floor and has a favourite Lightening McQueen pyjamas that he wears ALL the time. With this in mind, when we were offered a Radio Controlled Inflatable Lightening McQueen… Continue Reading “Radio Controlled Inflatable Lightening McQueen Review”

Choosing the Right Car for a Growing Family


The family car is the second biggest purchase you will likely ever make, after your house. There’s no single family car that’s going to win the day, though. The car you choose will differ depending on growing family size and circumstances. You have to decide what needs your family has and then what car can fulfil those needs. So which car wins out in each category? Best Budget Car If you are out for something that does the job without… Continue Reading “Choosing the Right Car for a Growing Family”

The MoneySuperMarket One Week Energy Challenge


The MoneySuperMarket One Week Energy Challenge is about highlighting how we take prized possessions for granted and what happens when we don’t have those items anymore. For example, energy bills could be too high, so sacrifices have to be made and it’s no longer possible to afford to use a Nutribullet or laptop anymore. Fortunately, MoneySuperMarket enables you to find the right energy deals for you to save money and keep your beloved items. Should you want to try to save more money, MoneySuperMarket can provide the best… Continue Reading “The MoneySuperMarket One Week Energy Challenge”

Why are things not built to last anymore?


This week has been a nightmare week for me. I am not one to wallow in self-pity or get down about silly things, but this has really effected me so much so I cannot sleep. This week our car broke down by the side of the road on the A30. I was on my own with the three youngest children, on our way to Cornwall for a short break. It was a stressful experience but we were safe, we got… Continue Reading “Why are things not built to last anymore?”