Helpful Tips To Buy The Best Boys Beachwear

Middle Beach

Planning to spend time on the beach or poolside? Then make sure to dress up yourself and your kids in quality beachwear for maximum comfort and protection. A whole new variety of beachwear is available in the market these days. Especially the range of boys beachwear is incredible, as these are designed to suit the preferences of different wearers. From simple ones to designer, you can choose from an amazing variety to wear on the beach. Along with serving the… Continue Reading “Helpful Tips To Buy The Best Boys Beachwear”

The most rough and ready winter coats for boys

Beach fun

Those with boys know all too well that they seem to have an in-built magnet that draws them towards mud and puddles. When choosing a winter coat it’s important that they’re made to withstand lots of outdoor play and regular washing, as well as being warm and cosy enough to see them through the season. Plenty of padding is a bonus, alongside waterproof fabrics and a stylish design. After all, you want the little fellas to look great too. Luckily,… Continue Reading “The most rough and ready winter coats for boys”

Qixels Kingdom Playset

Both Eliza and Isaac love crafting and one of our favourite activities at the moment is E-Zee beads or Hama Beads. I do have a major frustration with them though as they don’t really do sets aimed at boys, it is all predominately pink and girly and Isaac gets frustrated that there is nothing for him. Now meet Qixels – ‘the cubes that fuse with a blast of water’, aimed at boys, although girls can join in the fun too. There is a definite… Continue Reading “Qixels Kingdom Playset”

Decorating the Boys Room

Marvel Curtains

I last decorated the boy’s room when Abbey moved out 4 years ago and what was once a white room was looking tired and grubby. Having two, sometimes three, boys sharing a room caused its own problems too.  We had new windows with trickle vents put in 3 years ago to try to combat mould problems we had which worked in all rooms bar the boy’s room.  We could only put the continuing mould problems down to the fact that… Continue Reading “Decorating the Boys Room”

Now Hiring: Mother of Teenage Boys

Teenage Boy

I absolutely adored Suzanne’s post from called Now Hiring: Mother of Teenage Girls as I can relate to the humourous way she described parenting her teenage girls. I have successfully navigated one daughter through the teenage years and am currently attempting to guide two teenage boys too.  With Suzanne’s permission I have decided to write a sister (or is it brother) post about raising teenage boys. Job description: The successful candidate must be fluent in the language of Neanderthal Grunts and… Continue Reading “Now Hiring: Mother of Teenage Boys”