Now you are six, Eliza!!

Eliza Birthday

Last week Eliza turned the grand of age of 6 and thoroughly enjoyed her My Little Pony birthday Party. Eliza is completely outnumbered by boys in our house but she still makes sure that she has a girly influence over the household and is a very strong-willed and determined little thing. People often ask if bringing up boys and girls is very different and the answer is a resounding yes. Although the boys like different things, there is a running… Continue Reading “Now you are six, Eliza!!”

Project 365 2015 – Week 6

Bournemouth Snow

Guess what?? This week we finally got some snow!! It didn’t last long but I got the kids outside and loved playing in it before school on Tuesday but at least we have seen some this winter. I am also pleased to report that Sebastian is much better and he is back to his normal mischievous self.  At his weekly swimming lesson he did some independent swimming for the first time and Daddy was watching so managed to catch it… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 – Week 6”