Reasons Families Will Fall in Love with Wales

There is no question that there are some truly spectacular gems around the UK, but the magical charm of Wales draws holidaymakers from across the globe to its rolling countryside and iconic coastlines. The adrenalin-junkies are appeased by the host of outdoor activities the country offers – from surfing on the shores to climbing to the summit of mountains; whilst those after some R+R can achieve this in one of the welcoming towns or villages located around Wales, with all… Continue Reading “Reasons Families Will Fall in Love with Wales”

5 Great UK Destinations for a Family Getaway this Winter

Port Isaac

Although we usually think of holidays as being suitable only for the warmer summer months, there’s no reason why a fun family getaway can’t be enjoyed all year round! Throughout the winter, the majority of holiday destinations are much quieter than during the jam-packed summer months, and although the days may be shorter and the temperatures cooler, there’s still plenty to see and do all year round! Instead of jetting off for some winter sun, this year, why not make… Continue Reading “5 Great UK Destinations for a Family Getaway this Winter”

Must-do activities when visiting the UK

The Monument

Most of us suffer from wanderlust: the strong desire to travel and breathe the air of new places. We yearn to expand our mind, indulge in new experiences and taste, smell and see unfamiliar territory. We long to break out of our comfort zones and dive into a world where new beginnings and marvellous discoveries await us. The thrill of experiencing things you have never experienced before and the opportunity to lay your eyes on brand new sights is what… Continue Reading “Must-do activities when visiting the UK”

Choosing the best family hotel

Art of Animation Hotel

Everything seemed so much simpler before kids! Remember the days when you could just take off spontaneously without a care in the world and come back tomorrow or next week? Now, a trip to the village shop needs military- style precision planning. OK, so both of those are slight exaggerations, but there is no denying that there is far more to think about when there is a little one involved, and so the thought of planning a family holiday is… Continue Reading “Choosing the best family hotel”

Leaving the Ground with Smiley Faces: How to Keep Kids Happy at the Airport

bournemouth airport

You’ve spent hours preparing for this family holiday and it’s finally arrived. You’ve packed everything you need, chosen the best flights to coincide with nap time, have laboured over seat assignments, and stocked up on games for the kids’ tablets. You know you’ve done everything, but there’s still that hurdle of surviving your time in the airport with the kids. How can you make sure it runs smoothly and goes without a hitch? Here are our top tips: Allow Plenty… Continue Reading “Leaving the Ground with Smiley Faces: How to Keep Kids Happy at the Airport”