Iceland – a family friendly destination?

Back in January 2016 I wrote a post about why I wanted to visit Iceland and that the destination was top of my “without the kids” bucket list. I don’t why, but I never thought of Iceland as a family friendly destination, however, on a recent trip to World Travel Market at Excel London, I was introduced to the Iceland Tourist Board who changed my mind. Flights to Iceland take just 3 hours from the UK and you can fly from… Continue Reading “Iceland – a family friendly destination?”

How safe is your home on holiday? #WinterWithChill


Going on holiday is an exciting time for anyone, but have you ever wondered how safe your home is when you are away? We ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off at the mains, leave the boiler ticking over in case of any cold weather and switch the alarms on, but going away is fraught with other issues now too! Now travellers who are burgled while on holiday risk having home insurance claims rejected if they announced their plans… Continue Reading “How safe is your home on holiday? #WinterWithChill”

Holiday bucket list: Activity holiday at Niagara Falls

As regular readers of my blog will know, I have two active boys who love the outdoors, so when I was next thinking about where we’d head for our holidays, Canada instantly sprang to mind. This country is known for its incredible hiking trails and unforgettable scenery, but I thought we’d start off somewhere that would have plenty for us to see and do so that we don’t get bored – it had to be Niagara Falls. Aside from walking… Continue Reading “Holiday bucket list: Activity holiday at Niagara Falls”

Childcare Facilities aboard the Carnival Vista

On a Carnival cruise, kids can enjoy all the best parts of a family holiday and all the fun of a summer camp, all in one! Firstly, make sure you book the kids clubs online before you board as not only will it guarantee a space, but it also saves time once onboard. Carnival has well-organised activities for children, at Camp Ocean, organised by age. Penguins – age 2-5 years Stingrays – age 6-8 years Sharks – age 9-11 years There are… Continue Reading “Childcare Facilities aboard the Carnival Vista”

Taking the stress out of travel with Holiday Extra’s

Holiday Inn Express

Over the last 32 years, Holiday Extras has earned its place as the UK market leader for travel add-ons; offering pre-booked airport hotels and airport parking, airport lounges, Airports by Rail, Hotels with Coach and holiday insurance as its core offerings, with car hire launching this year. We were lucky enough to road test their service on our recent cruise holiday by booking overnight accommodation and parking before our flight to Barcelona. We had considered driving to Gatwick on the morning… Continue Reading “Taking the stress out of travel with Holiday Extra’s”