Keeping you family safe online with F-Secure


 Do you know how safe you and your family are online? In a world where we spend an increasing amount of time online, connecting to our loved ones, sharing images on social media, doing our shopping, banking and even asking search engines random questions we wouldn’t ask anyone else, do you worry how secure your personal data is? It’s important to keep all our devices protected and our information private as there are all sorts of threats out there that… Continue Reading “Keeping you family safe online with F-Secure”

Silver Cross Pioneer Dolls Pram Review

Silver Cross Pioneer

Ever since our Luvabella doll, Iris, joined the family, Eliza has been asking for a doll’s pram so she can push her around. Of course, she didn’t want any old dolls pram, but one like real baby’s use. Silver Cross have just launched a new range of dolls prams and invited is to choose our very own to review. Eliza is a big lover of the colour pink, however, as Sebastian enjoys playing with dolls too I opted for the Silver… Continue Reading “Silver Cross Pioneer Dolls Pram Review”

Changing the way we light our home with Philips Hue

Philips Hue

When we bought our house it was a bit of a fixer upper and 12 years on we have replaced everything that needed to be done. Hubby and the teens love their gadgets and have always been fascinated by technology for the home, but if I am honest I always assumed it would mean fitting dozens of cables and various gadgets around the home. We were sent Philips Hue to set up and try in our house. Philips Hue is… Continue Reading “Changing the way we light our home with Philips Hue”

HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set Review

Being the owner of a daughter aged 24, finding the ideal gift can be a challenge. Like many girls, or should I say, young women, she is a fan of the “selfie”. She has perfected the pout and is forever sending amusing snapchats or uploading her pictures to facebook. She has even managed to get her younger siblings involved who all demand Snapchat as soon as she walks in the door. In fact, at a recent family occasion the only… Continue Reading “HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set Review”

Bosch Sky Variable Temperature Kettle Review

Hot Chocolate

Now the temperature has dropped, it is hot chocolate season in our house and I have had to make sure that the cupboards are stocked with mini marshmallows and whipped cream to make them extra special. The only problem with making hot chocolate for the kids is that it is always too hot and they have to wait for it to cool down…….until now! We were sent the Bosch Sky kettle to review, which can not only hold up to 1.7… Continue Reading “Bosch Sky Variable Temperature Kettle Review”