New Puppy in my Pocket Collectibles

Puppy In My Pocket

Eliza loves her collectible toys and after a brief dalliance with Shopkins, has decided that it is Puppy In My Pocket that is her top choice. Puppy In My Pocket from Flair has over 100 puppies to collect and I remember Abbey collecting them back in the 1990’s. I am kicking myself for getting rid of them now! If puppies are not your thing,¬†Kitty In My Pocket is also available to collect now and Jungle In My Pocket is coming… Continue Reading “New Puppy in my Pocket Collectibles”

Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill Review

Gazillion Bubbles

Gazillion Bubbles give kids the ultimate bubble experience! The special formula used to create Gazillion Bubbles solution has been shown to create bigger, more plentiful bubbles. New for 2017, the experience gets even bigger taking its superior bubble solution to another level as well as new gadgets and gizmos that will create bigger bubbles than ever before and we were sent the Giant Bubble Mill to test. The Giant Bubble Mill is the ultimate large machine that blows giant bubbles!… Continue Reading “Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill Review”

Beam Shoes Review

Beam Shoes

There seems to be a couple of new crazes on the up at school at the moment. For girls it seems to be the rise of something called a JoJo Bow, which is a ridiculously large coloured bow that sits on top of their heads. The other is trainers with light up soles, which look brilliant at school disco / party time! We were sent a pair of Beam Shoes to review for both Isaac and Eliza and they could… Continue Reading “Beam Shoes Review”

Introducing Cubetto from Primo Toys

The thought of learning coding fills me with fear. Kian is studying games design at sixth form and his work goes straight over my head and even making HTML codes for my blog gives me a headache. Computers are second nature to this generation and even Isaac is learning to code at school and now you can teach children as young a three to code with Primo Toys Cubetto. I was offered the Cubetto to review and if I am… Continue Reading “Introducing Cubetto from Primo Toys”

Fufries Funny Friends Funny Monkeys Review

Fufris Funny Friends

Sometimes there comes a toy that the kids fall in love with straight away – almost love at first sight. The Fufries Funny Friends Funny Monkeys is one of these toys and you cannot help but smile and giggle when it comes out to play. The cuddly toy is a friendly and original plush monkey that breaks into fits of laughter when you press its hand and is perfect for diffusing a tantrum, bad mood or argument between siblings. Just… Continue Reading “Fufries Funny Friends Funny Monkeys Review”