Joules Boys Zip Reversible Sweatshirt Jumper Review

Joules Reversible Jumper

There is something about a child wearing a fluffy jumper that I love. All the younger kids own them and it is like hugging a teddy bear when they are wearing them, so when I was offered the Joules Reversible Jumper from House of Fraser to review I just had to say yes! Reversible jumpers have changed somewhat since the awful bulky number I had as a child in the 80’s. This boys’ striped fleece has a reversible design meaning… Continue Reading “Joules Boys Zip Reversible Sweatshirt Jumper Review”

Familiar favourites and new cocktails create an indulgent, comforting menu this January at Pizza Express

Pizza Express

By the fourth week in January, most New Year’s resolutions have gone out of the window as the depressing reality of a long cold spell until summer arrives. Good job then, that PizzaExpress has launched a range of comforting and warming dishes, that you may well recognise from menus past, as well as exciting cocktails from January 3rd to get us through the season. The ‘new’ additions to the menu have all featured on the menu previously, but are making a… Continue Reading “Familiar favourites and new cocktails create an indulgent, comforting menu this January at Pizza Express”

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool!


Our children have all swam since they were babies as it is a life skill I think every child should have. We are now at the stage where they are all confident in the water and it is just Sebby that needs a water aid to swim, although I don’t think it will be long until he can swim completely unaided too. Before Christmas Isaac had a trial with Bournemouth Swimming Club who are a competitive swimming team associated with… Continue Reading “Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool!”

Pureessentiel Anti-Lice Lotion


The kids have been back at school all of two weeks and already we have had the letter home that every parent dreads……….. There have been head lice in a class at school. Head lice are tiny insects that live in hair and nits are the empty egg cases attached to hair that head lice hatch from. Head lice are a common problem, particularly in school children aged 4-11 and I have lost count of the times I have treated my children for the… Continue Reading “Pureessentiel Anti-Lice Lotion”

Midnight Gang by David Walliams – Review

Midnight Gang

Looking at Isaac now you would never believe he used to be a reluctant reader. I don’t actually blame him, as some of the books that get handed out by the school are pretty dire, if I am honest. Now, at the age of 8, he devours books. The first ones that really caught his attention were the Horrible History books as he loves looking back at history and then at the beginning of the year they studied Roahl Dahl… Continue Reading “Midnight Gang by David Walliams – Review”