VAX Platinum Power MAX – Review

VAX Carpet Cleaner

If you are a parent, then at some point you will have had to deal with the 3 “P’s” (Pee, Puke and Poo) whilst your children are growing up. Children are not fussy where they do these things and there have been numerous times they have seemingly climbed onto my lap for a cuddle and then exploded. It is during these time of illness that carpets and soft furnishings will be in need of revitalising to rid them of finger… Continue Reading “VAX Platinum Power MAX – Review”

Mess free fun with Foam Alive

Foam Alive

Sebastian and Eliza really enjoy crafting and making things at the moment and love playing with things that have a different texture. We were sent the Foam Alive Double Flip Pack! containing two Foam Alive colours – Purple Pulse and Go Green to review. Foam Alive comes in a cool hour-glass shaped reusable storage container. Flip it to flow and watch it go! You can pour it out in separate colours or mix it together for extra multi-coloured fun. Foam… Continue Reading “Mess free fun with Foam Alive”

Wonderbly Personalised Books – Review

Bedtime for You

We are huge fans of Dragons Den and first became aware of the Lost My Name book when they appeared on the show back in 2015. Lost My Name has since changed its name to Wonderbly, but they still still produce the most wonderful, personalised books that kids will treasure forever. The kids still adore their Lost My Name books and we have added to them since as there is something magical about seeing your own name in a story… Continue Reading “Wonderbly Personalised Books – Review”

New Blume BabyPop Collectible Dolls

Eliza is a big fan of Blume Dolls, which first arrived in the summer and come in flower pots that “sprout” when you add water to them. Earlier this month we reviewed the Blume Secret Surprise Play Set and now we are one of the first to reveal the all new Blume BabyPop collectibles which are being released in selected Tesco stores today (26th December). Instead of adding water to “blume” your dolls, this time each time you pull out… Continue Reading “New Blume BabyPop Collectible Dolls”

Novie Interactive Smart Robot – Review


Interactive are all the rage at the moment and for Christmas, Sebby has asked for his own robot. At the age of 6, I was worried about spending a lot of money on something and then him loosing interest 5 minutes later, so when we were sent Novie Interactive Smart Robot to review, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of features he has for the price. In the Box: 1 Novie 1 Quick Start Guide 1 Instruction Manual Novie… Continue Reading “Novie Interactive Smart Robot – Review”