HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set Review

Being the owner of a daughter aged 24, finding the ideal gift can be a challenge. Like many girls, or should I say, young women, she is a fan of the “selfie”. She has perfected the pout and is forever sending amusing snapchats or uploading her pictures to facebook. She has even managed to get her younger siblings involved who all demand Snapchat as soon as she walks in the door. In fact, at a recent family occasion the only… Continue Reading “HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set Review”

Bosch Sky Variable Temperature Kettle Review

Hot Chocolate

Now the temperature has dropped, it is hot chocolate season in our house and I have had to make sure that the cupboards are stocked with mini marshmallows and whipped cream to make them extra special. The only problem with making hot chocolate for the kids is that it is always too hot and they have to wait for it to cool down…….until now! We were sent the Bosch Sky kettle to review, which can not only hold up to 1.7… Continue Reading “Bosch Sky Variable Temperature Kettle Review”

BOGS° Footwear – Insulated Waterproof Boots Review

Bogs Footwear

This week has turned decidedly chilly and is the first time we have had to defrost the cars for work for months. My beloved flip flops are back in the cupboard and probably won’t see the light of day until next April and my trusty boots are their replacement. The cold weather doesn’t stop us going out and we simply pile on the layers to stop us getting chilly. The only problem we have had in the past is keeping… Continue Reading “BOGS° Footwear – Insulated Waterproof Boots Review”

Making your bike Wheely Bright with JML Direct

Wheely Bright

I pride myself that the kids and I walk to school everyday. Well, when I say walk, what I mean is I walk and they take their bike or scooter and speed off ahead of me. Now the nights are drawing in, they all have coats that have reflectors on them, but I still worry that they may not be seen, but www.JMLdirect.com have a fun answer to this problem. Wheely Bright LED wheel lights brighten up any bike, making you stand… Continue Reading “Making your bike Wheely Bright with JML Direct”

Elf & Seek from The Little Treats Bakery

Elf & Seek

At the The Little Treats Bakery, they believe everybody deserves a little treat from time to time. They make, bake and decorate delightfully delicious biscuits and iced treats for everyone to enjoy. I am not a big chocolate fan, so always miss out when it comes to advent, but they have come up with a fun alternative to the advent calendar: The Little Treats Bakery Elf & Seek Festive Countdown.   Inside the box you will find 24 individually wrapped Gingerbread… Continue Reading “Elf & Seek from The Little Treats Bakery”