Helping boost confidence with Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs

Like many parents of primary aged children, we have just had this terms parents evening. Isaac and Eliza are doing brilliantly and the school are happy with their progress and Sebby is has settled in well. Like many children in Reception, he is one of the youngest in the year and reading is proving to be a bit of a challenge. He loves watching alphablocks on the television and is starting to know some of the basic words in books,… Continue Reading “Helping boost confidence with Reading Eggs”

Posh Paws Porg Plush Review

Chewbacca Porg

Star Wars is a big deal in our house. Hubby has been a fan since he was a child and he has a huge collection of original Star Wars toys, which occasionally come out to play, but only when supervised by him. His love of film has filtered down through the kids, with both Callan and Kian being fans and now Isaac and Sebastian have joined them, watching all the old films and TV spin-off shows. Hubby took Isaac to… Continue Reading “Posh Paws Porg Plush Review”

Philips BlueControl Advance – Blue light treatment for plaque psoriasis

Psoriasis is something I have suffered with since I was a child and although it never really goes away, it does seem to come and go when it feels like it. Psoriasis is defined as: a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales. These patches (or plaques as they’re often referred to) normally appear on your elbows, knees, scalp and lower back, but can appear anywhere on your body and in some cases,… Continue Reading “Philips BlueControl Advance – Blue light treatment for plaque psoriasis”

Glimmies Aquaria Glimsplash Playset Review


This time last year we discovered the magical world of the Glimmies™. Glimmies™ were little star fairies sent by the moon to take care of “Glimmieswood” forest animals. Now the Glimmies™ world has expanded and there are these super cute magical creatures living in Aquaria, an underwater village in Glimmies world and we were sent the Aquaria Glimsplash Playset to review. These little marine fairies are water activated and only light up in their natural environment. Open the Glimsplash wave and reveal an… Continue Reading “Glimmies Aquaria Glimsplash Playset Review”

NHM Dippy the Diplodocus model kit review

Dippy the Diplodocus

Dippy, the Natural History Museum’s much-loved Diplodocus skeleton cast has been sent on a natural history adventure across the UK and his first stop is our home county of Dorset. We visited Dippy in his temporary new home in the Victorian Hall at Dorset County Museum last month and the kids were fascinated by all the facts about the Diplodocus – one of the largest beasts to have ever roamed the earth. Dippy the Diplodocus was on display from 1905 – 2016 and is… Continue Reading “NHM Dippy the Diplodocus model kit review”