What to wear to Wimbledon

Tennis Ball

Wimbledon: it’s the oldest tennis tournament in the world and yet it still grips us year after year. Taking place from 3rd July – 16th July 2017, it’s set to be another year of thrills and spills, as Andy Murray battles to take home his third champion title. While the rest of us will be tuning-in at home, you may have been lucky enough to bag a ticket. As well as packing your sunscreen, you’ll need to make sure your… Continue Reading “What to wear to Wimbledon”

Giving the garden love and attention this spring


Did you know that Easter weekend is the busiest retail trading time for DIY and home stores? It is that time of year that we start wistfully looking at the garden, making plans for the warm weather and which plants we want to see blooming during the summer as well as planning any garden furniture purchases. Hubby has jet washed everything!! I have got on top of the lawn now, seeding bare patches and putting weed killer on the stubborn… Continue Reading “Giving the garden love and attention this spring”

Do you know your Wash Care Symbols?

LG Washing Machine

I am normally so careful with my washing. I separate the colours, wash whites together and almost always check the washing instructions, especially when I first buy an item of clothing. Now that I tend to buy our clothes online I always forget to check the washing instructions before I hit purchase and carelessly bought two tops that were hand wash only. Now, that is fine when I am doing the washing as I know that these tops need to… Continue Reading “Do you know your Wash Care Symbols?”

Save, Not Skimp: Frugal Money Tips for Moms

piggy bank

If you are like most moms, you enjoy the nicer things in life, but may not be able to afford as many luxuries as you’d like. This doesn’t mean you can’t find all sorts of wonderful things to share with your kids and enrich your life. If you’re frugal and know how and where to shop, you can save without skimping on the stuff that makes your family happy. Planet-friendly, budget-friendly lifestyle Protect the Earth and your wallet, too, when… Continue Reading “Save, Not Skimp: Frugal Money Tips for Moms”

How to photograph your property for a private sale

Interior of living room

Writing a great listing for your property may seem quick and easy work, but taking professional-looking photographs is another matter entirely. Photographs are a crucial element of marketing your house for sale: they’re the new curb appeal now that so many listings begin online. When you’re selling property, don’t resort to using your camera phone and hoping for the best. Follow our top tips, and take photos that will sell your house online in a flash. Style your home properly… Continue Reading “How to photograph your property for a private sale”