BISSELL StainPro 12 Carpet Cleaner Review

Bissell StainPro 12

We have just been through a three week period of child illness in this house and safe to say our carpets took a bit of a battering. There is nothing worse than a bout of illness to make your carpets smell anything less than fresh and if you are anything like me you probably disinfect everything too, to try and stop the bug from spreading. Thankfully Bissell came to my rescue and sent me the BISSELL StainPro 12 to review.… Continue Reading “BISSELL StainPro 12 Carpet Cleaner Review”

Doing Up the Bathroom – a 101

Bathroom Tiles

If you’re thinking of remodelling or revamping your bathroom, then you’ll have to work a bit harder than just replacing the shower curtain or getting a new toilet seat. The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the house, so you need to think about space and ergonomics. Before you whip off that shower curtain from its rail, read these ideas and pointers so that you can make the most of your bathroom project. Work out your budget… Continue Reading “Doing Up the Bathroom – a 101”

Christmas Shopping with Smyths Toys

Smyths Catalogue

It is officially October which means that I am allowed to mention the “C” word. Last weekend was BlogOn Conference, where companies got to showcase the toys that they think are going to be the most wanted for Christmas and us bloggers got in on the act and voted for our favourites in the BlogOn Toy Awards – check out the winners here. Of course, it’s the kids that actually decide what they want to ask Father Christmas for and one… Continue Reading “Christmas Shopping with Smyths Toys”

How to start saving money for Christmas now


It’s not just retailers who benefit from getting a headstart on Christmas. Even with the demands of children, it’s easier than you might think to squirrel some savings away and coast through the festive months just that little bit easier. With just a few little life hacks there’s a huge amount of money to be saved ahead of the festive season. In fact you’d be amazed at how quickly the pennies add up. Here are a few ideas to get… Continue Reading “How to start saving money for Christmas now”

Y-cam helps you double your security while away on holiday Evo and Protect

Y-Cam Protect

Do you worry about your home when you are away? For us we are lucky that our home is looked after by the older kids when we are away, but we still worry about whether everything is safe and secure. Y-cam Solutions, a leader in smart home security since 2007, has two simple solutions to help you keep your home safe while you are away on holiday. Y-cam provides a range of solutions including Wi-Fi enabled cameras that offer premium,… Continue Reading “Y-cam helps you double your security while away on holiday Evo and Protect”