No Room to Spare: Tips for Transforming Your Living Room Into a Guest Bedroom

Living room

Your best friend is coming into town for a few days and wants to know if he can stay at your place. You haven’t seen him in ages so of course he can stay. You’ll both have a great time. But wait, you have a one bedroom apartment. Where is he going to sleep? Before you start to panic, this situation does not have to turn into a disaster. You might be surprised to know that with a few simple… Continue Reading “No Room to Spare: Tips for Transforming Your Living Room Into a Guest Bedroom”

Space Savers: Great Ways to Have Overnight Guests in a Small Home or Apartment


You may find yourself hosting a guest in your home for a night or two which is all well and good if you have a guest room, but if you live in a small house or an apartment, it can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you welcome guests graciously with the minimum of disruption. Find a bed: Making a comfortable place for your guest to sleep is a top priority.  The most convenient options are a… Continue Reading “Space Savers: Great Ways to Have Overnight Guests in a Small Home or Apartment”

A pre-spring clean clear out


I had a massive declutter before Christmas, but with a mass of new toys arriving thanks to Mr S. Claus we are falling over stuff again and it is only going to get worse with all Eliza’s birthday presents. In a bid to make some more room, I have already emptied and sorted the craft drawers, throwing out old pens and pencils and making sure that everything is organised, unlike the normal ‘shove it in and hope the drawer will… Continue Reading “A pre-spring clean clear out”

Keeping your Home Safe from Burglary!


Just before Christmas there was a spate of burglaries in our local area which made us very conscious of making sure our things are locked away safely. I know you cannot be 100% safe wherever you live, but there are things you can do to ensure that your home and garden is as secure as it can be, both when you are home and away. The obvious one is to ensure that doors and windows are locked, especially when you… Continue Reading “Keeping your Home Safe from Burglary!”

How to Create a ‘Hotel Style’ Master Bedroom


If you’re thinking of updating your master bedroom, you might be wondering what style to go for. Well, why not look towards hotels for inspiration? ‘Hotel style’ can form the basis of a beautiful bedroom, helping you to create a space you really want to spend time in. But, the first thing to do is identify what ‘hotel style’ means to you. There are many different types of interior design in our favourite hotels, ranging from traditional to very contemporary… Continue Reading “How to Create a ‘Hotel Style’ Master Bedroom”