The all new Polti Moppy

Polti Moppy

‘Keeping the house clean when the kids are growing, is like shovelling snow whilst it’s still snowing’ I have this quote on my fridge and it is so very true. I swear that the kids literally follow behind me and mess up anything I have just cleaned up and the bottom of the laundry basket is only visible for mere seconds! I have vinyl and tile flooring downstairs in my house and swear by two things to keep it clean… Continue Reading “The all new Polti Moppy”

How to Create Bright and Colourful Plant Markers


It can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge trying to remember all of the different fruit, vegetables and plants you are growing in your garden, especially if they are all being grown in one area. One really fun way to remember is to get creative and make some bright plant markers to stick into the soil and label each individual plant! This is the perfect sunny day activity for you and your children to get stuck into, with… Continue Reading “How to Create Bright and Colourful Plant Markers”

Outdoor Entertaining: Top Tips and Tricks for Modern Homeowners


There is something special about dining al fresco and sharing good food and wine with family and friends. To help make it memorable in all the right ways here is a look at ways to create the perfect outdoor entertainment venue in your garden, including the key ingredients for a successful dinner party, why you should ditch the fancy china, plus some tips on keeping everyone comfortable and making sure your food stays fresh. Keep it simple and convivial You… Continue Reading “Outdoor Entertaining: Top Tips and Tricks for Modern Homeowners”

How to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home


People spend hours ensuring their homes interiors are perfect. With the right colour schemes, a welcoming atmosphere and plenty or organisation and storage. But what about the exterior of your home? The exterior of your home is just as important as the interiors in many ways, such as creating a good first impression of your home, providing you with an area you can enjoy throughout the warmer weather, and of course, adding value to the overall cost of your property.… Continue Reading “How to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home”

The Gas Leak

Mighty Claws Golf

Today has not been a good day! The day started well, with a visit to the new Mighty Claws Adventure Golf that has just opened in Bournemouth. Sebby loved seeing all the animatronic dinosaurs whilst we played a couple of games of crazy golf. I was also excited that my new Beko Range Cooker was due to be delivered in the afternoon. However, despite telling me that they would be with me anytime between 1pm – 5pm, they turned up… Continue Reading “The Gas Leak”