Is the UK supporting outdoor play for our children?


Kids need to play outside. According to a 2016 study, three quarters of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates. UN guidelines mandate that prisoners must be allowed at least one hour outside – but our children are getting even less than that. This is clearly an issue, especially in light of the health benefits that come with outdoor play. These include using a larger vocabulary outdoors, promoting creativity and ultimately, helping them get physical exercise. However, do… Continue Reading “Is the UK supporting outdoor play for our children?”

Connect Your Kids To Nature – Even In The Middle Of Winter!


We take it for granted that connecting to nature is a good thing – but did you know there’s a wealth of research evidence to prove it? Over the last 30 years researchers have set up numerous experiments designed to find out whether being close to the natural world has real and measurable benefits, and the answer has been an overwhelming ‘yes’ One of the very first trials found that a group of postoperative hospital patients with a view of… Continue Reading “Connect Your Kids To Nature – Even In The Middle Of Winter!”

Christmas Around the World


Have you ever wondered how people celebrate Christmas all over the world? I am a little shocked to find out that many Japenese people eat at KFC on Christmas Eve, but then again, my kids would probably love that! Bright Horizons Nursery have put together this fabulous infographic Bright Horizons nursery who provide quality child care in oxford have put together this fabulous infographic with lots of other fun facts that you can share with family and friends.

Teaching Children about Conservation

There has never been a more vital time to teach the next generation about conservation and the impact we, as humans, have on the environment. Although environmental education is now taught in most schools, it’s the habits of parents and carers that influence their children’s actions the most. So how can we make our kids aware of their role in the natural world? One of the most effective ways is to make conservation part of their everyday lives. If a… Continue Reading “Teaching Children about Conservation”

Creating The Perfect Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Ever tried to give your children what they want in their bedroom? It’s like dealing with an indecisive ball of energy because one minute they want this and the next they want that. Over time, you tend to get into a rhythm, and you can predict what they actually want. Putting together a child’s bedroom is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever have to overcome. After all, this is where they’ll spend an enormous amount of their time,… Continue Reading “Creating The Perfect Kids Bedroom”