A pre-spring clean clear out


I had a massive declutter before Christmas, but with a mass of new toys arriving thanks to Mr S. Claus we are falling over stuff again and it is only going to get worse with all Eliza’s birthday presents. In a bid to make some more room, I have already emptied and sorted the craft drawers, throwing out old pens and pencils and making sure that everything is organised, unlike the normal ‘shove it in and hope the drawer will… Continue Reading “A pre-spring clean clear out”

Are traditional wedding anniversary gifts a thing of the past?


When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts, we all know it’s silver for 25 years and gold for 50 years but are these traditional gifts a thing of the past? I remember the excitement of buying a gold anniversary present for both mine and Hubby’s grandparents. We didn’t stretch to buying them gold ourselves and went for some personalised engraved glassware and a personalised porcelain plate, although we know they treated each other to something more traditional. Times have changed though.… Continue Reading “Are traditional wedding anniversary gifts a thing of the past?”

Should Your Children Be Dressing Themselves?

Muddy Puddles

If you’ve ever picked your child up from school and noticed that they’re wearing their shirt inside out after a PE lesson, perhaps you’ll have thought they’re not ready to be responsible for dressing themselves. But, sticking-out labels aside, there’s a good argument for letting children dress themselves… particularly if they’ve been showing signs of wanting to have more control over what they’re wearing! For example, allowing children to dress themselves gives them a sense of independence -something they don’t… Continue Reading “Should Your Children Be Dressing Themselves?”

Keeping It Simple: Priceless Pointers for Planning a Small, Intimate Wedding


Planning a wedding is already stressful, there are so many things to think about and arrange for. One way you can simplify things without detracting from your special day is to plan a small, intimate wedding. An intimate wedding is one which usually has fewer than 75 guests. There are lots of good reasons for having an intimate wedding, not only will it decrease the final cost, it is also a great way to create a unique experience for a… Continue Reading “Keeping It Simple: Priceless Pointers for Planning a Small, Intimate Wedding”

When I was your age……….

After yet another “there is nothing on TV” comment from the kids over the school holidays, they looked dumfounded when I explained there were only 3 channels to choose from when I was their age. I think they were possibly more shocked by the fact that programs didn’t actually start until 8am and we were greeted by a test page featuring a girl playing noughts and crosses on a blackboard with a slightly odd-looking clown if we switched the TV… Continue Reading “When I was your age……….”