10 Things to Get Done Before Your Baby Arrives

Pregnancy Massage

You’ve probably heard it before: Once you’re a new mum, your life will be busier than ever, and certain things will never, ever be the same. While there are lots of pregnancy to-do lists out there, lots of them focus on essentials like decorating the nursery, choosing comfy shoes, and preparing a substitute to take over your duties at work. While these are important, now is also a time to focus on yourself and your relationships. With this in mind,… Continue Reading “10 Things to Get Done Before Your Baby Arrives”

Caring for your little one’s feet

Baby Feet

We’re often bombarded with information when we’re pregnant or have just given birth: the benefits of bottle and breast feeding, which pram to buy, baby sleeping safety, what temperature your baby’s room should be at and when we should start weaning to name just a few. But, what about your baby’s feet? Here we look at a few helpful tips and pointers to bear in mind when looking after your toddler’s feet. But remember, if you have any concerns for… Continue Reading “Caring for your little one’s feet”

Perfect Push Presents for Mummies to Be


After 9 months of pregnancy, there comes the big day where the wonderful mummy to be gives birth to a beautiful baby, which is a very exhausting process. Over the last few years, push presents have become a very popular part of the birthing process, rewarding the mummy to be for their amazing efforts and hard work throughout the pregnancy, right through to the big day. You usually find that it’s the daddies to be who buy the push present,… Continue Reading “Perfect Push Presents for Mummies to Be”

Room For a Little One: Getting your Home Primed for a Baby


Sure, you’re happy about expecting a brand-new baby, but you might be feeling utterly stressed out, as well. Don’t worry, new Mommy or Daddy. It’s totally natural to feel a combination of joy and anxiety at this wonderful time. In the interest of less stress for all concerned, we’re pleased to present a few savvy tips about how to cope with baby-proofing and other preparations in anticipation of your joyous occasion. What a newborn really needs Like it or not,… Continue Reading “Room For a Little One: Getting your Home Primed for a Baby”

Know your Maternity Rights


Having a baby is a very special time in anyone’s life but it is worth looking up your rights before you take that step into parenthood. I have had six children and each experience was very different. When I worked for a supermarket they followed the governments maternity scheme to the letter: The first 6 weeks – 90% of full pay The next 33 weeks – £139.58 or 90% of your earnings – whichever is less The next 13 weeks –… Continue Reading “Know your Maternity Rights”