Perfect Push Presents for Mummies to Be


After 9 months of pregnancy, there comes the big day where the wonderful mummy to be gives birth to a beautiful baby, which is a very exhausting process. Over the last few years, push presents have become a very popular part of the birthing process, rewarding the mummy to be for their amazing efforts and hard work throughout the pregnancy, right through to the big day. You usually find that it’s the daddies to be who buy the push present,… Continue Reading “Perfect Push Presents for Mummies to Be”

Keeping kids being mobile safe at school

Mobile Phone

I am often asked at what age we gave the kids their own mobile phone. In my mind, the perfect age is when the kids start secondary school at the age of 11 as they start walking to school by themselves and means they can get hold of me if there is a problem, or I can reach them if I am worrying because they are running late. When Abbey and Callan were younger, mobile phones were used to make… Continue Reading “Keeping kids being mobile safe at school”

My Day at Britmums 2017!!


This weekend was Britmums 2017 and I headed up to County Hall to experience all the fun. I love blog conferences for the opportunity to hone my blogging skills as well as meeting great brands and of course catching up with the bloggers I chat to on a daily basis. County Hall is set on the Southbank by the London Eye and is an enviable location with stunning views of the Thames and over to The Houses of Parliament &… Continue Reading “My Day at Britmums 2017!!”

How to drop hints to let him know you’re ready to get engaged

Engagement Ring

Sometimes when you’ve been living with someone for a few years, they can get stuck in their ways and get used to the fact you’re always around. You’re ready and waiting for him to pop the question, but it seems like he hasn’t even thought of it — so why not drop a few hints to your man so that he knows that you’re truly ready to become engaged? Angelic Diamonds, retailers of bespoke diamond seven stone rings, have just… Continue Reading “How to drop hints to let him know you’re ready to get engaged”

Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who (Seem to) Have It All


Picking out an exceptional anniversary gift that’ll thrill both halves of a couple is no easy feat. After all, no one wants to be responsible for that gift that’ll sit at the back of the wardrobe forever. So, what do you do when you’re faced with buying a spectacular anniversary present for a best friend or parent that already seems to have everything? Easy — just consult this list of unique anniversary gifts for the couple who has it all!… Continue Reading “Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who (Seem to) Have It All”