#Win the original party animals; Pass the Pigs Game

Win the original party animals; Pass the Pigs Game

You’ll be snorting with laughter if you play with these piggy games.  The original party animals, Pass the Pigs, use hilarious pigs for dice. Will you roll a sider or start makin’ bacon? Having fun with friends, looking for travel entertainment, or just chilling out – the game is on for every pig in the parlour! Fantastic fun for the whole family, Pass the Pigs is so easy to play. Simply throw the 2 piggies up in the air and… Continue Reading “#Win the original party animals; Pass the Pigs Game”

Men’s Military Engraved Wrist Watch Giveaway

Personalised Military Watch

As the parent of teenage and adult boys, finding meaningful presents for them can be a bit of a challenge. Like most boys their age they are fashion conscious, love their technology and enjoy socialising with their friends but they still love and appreciate more traditional gifts. In fact when asking Callan what he wanted for Christmas, his response was pants, socks and smellies! I think we can probably do a bit better than that. Show them you care with… Continue Reading “Men’s Military Engraved Wrist Watch Giveaway”

Little Wish Fairy Necklace from Molly Brown London, Review and Giveaway

Molly Brown London

At the age of almost 7, Eliza is starting to know her own style. Gone are the days where I can lay out what she is wearing for the day, as she knows her own mind and accessories have started to feature too. Eliza still loves fairies and can often be found with a tiny bottle of Fairy Dust being worn around her neck, so when Molly Brown London offered me a an item to review, I knew just what… Continue Reading “Little Wish Fairy Necklace from Molly Brown London, Review and Giveaway”

Win Creepy Hand from Megableu


Looking for Halloween entertainment for the family? Creepy Hand will send shivers up your spine! Watch with trepidation as the full size, ghoulish green hand creeps around the table and points a bony hand at one of the players. Who will face a ‘Truth or Dare’ question? Creepy Hand is the scary forfeit game to entertain all ages on dark and blustery nights! • Exciting new take on truth or dare. • Who will creepy hand choose to complete the… Continue Reading “Win Creepy Hand from Megableu”

The Reima’s #millionhoursofjoy Challenge


As the kids get older, getting them outdoors gets more of a challenge. If your kids are anything like mine, they moan about leaving the house; “just one more level” on their computer game or “do we have to come, it’s boring“. Yet the moment we reach our destination, they are out the car like a shot, running, laughing and using their imaginations to create their very own adventures. Sometimes it is all to easy to stay indoors, but I… Continue Reading “The Reima’s #millionhoursofjoy Challenge”