Wissper & Peggy Starter Doll Set


Eliza is at the age where she is a bit of a channel hopper and will flick through the kids channels until she finds a program that catches her eye. Wissper is a television show on Milkshake that did just that and is about a kind 7 year girl who is able to talk to animals. The animals always go to Wissper for help. She can magically transport herself to anywhere there is an animal in danger by saying the… Continue Reading “Wissper & Peggy Starter Doll Set”

Mr Men: My Mummy Book Review and Giveaway #MrMenBooks #MrMen

Mr Men: My Mummy

I remember reading Mr Men books as a child and my love for them has transferred down to all the kids. Now there is a very special Little Miss book is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day – Mr Men: My Mummy. The Little Miss will help you show your mummy just how special she is to you. From making you smile, even when things are going wrong, to knowing just when hugs are needed, mummies are Splendid, Fun, Magic, Sunshine… Continue Reading “Mr Men: My Mummy Book Review and Giveaway #MrMenBooks #MrMen”

A Traffic Jam Slumberland: Top Tips and Tech to Help You Fall Asleep Faster


With about 60 million people in the US alone struggling to sleep, getting a good night’s rest is often much easier said than done. With the constant pressures of modern-day life mounting up, we can often find our minds consistently on-the-go and incapable of proper relaxation. Whilst it’s completely normal to have a bad night’s sleep every now and again, if you always find it difficult to drift off you may experience some quite serious health-related symptoms if you don’t… Continue Reading “A Traffic Jam Slumberland: Top Tips and Tech to Help You Fall Asleep Faster”

Celebrating Individuality with Fruit Shoot #itsmything

Fruit Shoot

As a family we love to try out new things and visit different places, so when we were invited to take part in the Fruit Shoot ‘It’s my thing’ campaign we jumped at the chance. Fruit Shoot has talked to UK parents who feel that their kids are under pressure to live up to societal expectations and it is getting in the way of their ability to truly express themselves and discover what makes them happiest. As a parent I want… Continue Reading “Celebrating Individuality with Fruit Shoot #itsmything”

New Puppy in my Pocket Collectibles

Puppy In My Pocket

Eliza loves her collectible toys and after a brief dalliance with Shopkins, has decided that it is Puppy In My Pocket that is her top choice. Puppy In My Pocket from Flair has over 100 puppies to collect and I remember Abbey collecting them back in the 1990’s. I am kicking myself for getting rid of them now! If puppies are not your thing, Kitty In My Pocket is also available to collect now and Jungle In My Pocket is coming… Continue Reading “New Puppy in my Pocket Collectibles”