How do you get Vitamin D into your child’s daily diet?

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For a variety of reasons, many children are not getting enough vitamin D to stay healthy. Vitamin D is vital to aid normal growth and development of bones in children. The top way of getting vitamin D is to get the kids out and about in the sunshine, exposing some of their bare skin to the sunlight, but with skin health being in the news frequently and the daily use of sunscreen, it is becoming increasingly difficult for some people to get… Continue Reading “How do you get Vitamin D into your child’s daily diet?”

Balloon modelling with Oonies


The kids have been fascinated with balloon modelling for as long as I remember and one of our annual highlights is watching Dr Balloonman at one of his Christmas shows. At Camp Bestival, they also enjoyed watching the Balloonatic Science Show and Isaac was even pulled up on stage to make his own balloon animal. Now kids can make their own balloon creations with Oonies and we were sent the Oonies Inflator Starter Pack to review. Oonies are the inflatable… Continue Reading “Balloon modelling with Oonies”

Join the Mickey and Minnie Twitter Party and WIN!! #MinnieandMickeyToys

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse are two characters that never seem to age and have fans young and old, including Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian. Eliza adores Minnie Mouse and is a big fan of Minnie’s Bow Tunes on Disney Jr whereas Sebastian and Isaac enjoy a spot of Mickey and the Roadster Races. Flair have just launched a new range of toys for both Mickey and the Roadster Races and Minnie Happy Helpers and tomorrow (10th August) you can join me… Continue Reading “Join the Mickey and Minnie Twitter Party and WIN!! #MinnieandMickeyToys”

Baby Huggles Changing Mat Set

Casdon Changing Bag

Having a new baby brother, or sister, can be a challenge for any older sibling. Keeping them involved in day to day activities can be the key. I remember Eliza fetching nappies and baby wipes for me when Sebby was a baby, or mimicking what I was doing by changing her dolls as I changed Sebby. Now your child can keep dolly dry and clean in style, with the Baby Huggles Changing Mat set from Casdon. This cute set comprises… Continue Reading “Baby Huggles Changing Mat Set”

Back to School with Sambro

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Can you believe that Sebastian starts school in September? He has been at the school nursery for the last year, so it doesn’t seem quite such a big jump, however, instead of his white polo shirt he will be joining Isaac and Eliza by wearing a shirt and tie. There are still a couple of important decisions to make though. He will be staying at school all day for the first time which requires a new lunchbox, waterbottle and that… Continue Reading “Back to School with Sambro”