When Track Party came to Bournemouth

Track Party St Marks

I was first introduced to Track Party as a facebook event and immediately thought it would be something Sebby would love. Until now, every time it came to Bournemouth we had been busy, but at the weekend we finally got to go and take part ourselves. Track Party is the ultimate playtime experience for young train, car and dinosaur enthusiasts. Track Party not only provides birthday parties, but also travel around the south coast hosting epic playtime events in village… Continue Reading “When Track Party came to Bournemouth”

Kids and the countryside – helping them understand and enjoy the world outside

Farmer Palmers

With warmer weather approaching we’re all itching to get out of the house and head into the great outdoors! We can head to the beach, the park, the swimming pool, a petting zoo and of course the beautiful countryside. When we have little ones it’s important that we stress the importance of respecting the countryside when we come to visit. So here you’ll find a few helpful reminders of how to respect the countryside and the people and animals who… Continue Reading “Kids and the countryside – helping them understand and enjoy the world outside”

Celebrating National Unicorn Day with Interplay

Unicorn Garden

Did you know that there is a National Unicorn Day? Well, there is and we celebrated with a unicorn themed day of activities last week (9th April). Like many girls, Eliza is unicorn mad, possibly even more so since seeing I Believe in Unicorns at Lighthouse Poole last month, where storyteller Danyah Miller told a beautiful story, ending with the unicorns dancing into the ocean and transforming into Narwhal whales. There have been dozens of emerging unicorn trends in recent months, with… Continue Reading “Celebrating National Unicorn Day with Interplay”

Win one of two ACE cleaning bundles


We have teamed up with ACE, the global stain remover, to offer two lucky winners the chance to win an ACE cleaning bundle worth £15. These bundles will get rid of everyday stains, add sparkle to your household surfaces and brighten up your wardrobe. Included in the prize are: 1 x ACE for Colours 1 x ACE for Whites 1 x Multi-Purpose Spray 1 x Power Mousse Most commonly known for its ACE for Colours and ACE for Whites, the brand… Continue Reading “Win one of two ACE cleaning bundles”

National Citizen Service (NCS) – giving teens the opportunity to shine!!

Project Climb 031

I was first introduced to National Citizen Service (NCS) by hearing an advert on the radio and immediately thought it was such a great idea. We then met some of the local NCS team when Kian enrolled in sixth form, who really sold us the benefits of taking part in the programme. In a world where young people can struggle to get work due to their age and lack of experience, NCS can really help to build their confidence, teach them… Continue Reading “National Citizen Service (NCS) – giving teens the opportunity to shine!!”