Oaxis Watch Phone Review

Oaxis Watchphone

Isaac is 9 and had just started asking for his own phone as some of his friends have started getting them. Personally I feel that 9 is too young and the age we gave our older children their own phones was 11, when they started secondary school. On the other hand, Isaac is getting more independent, he walks to and from school on his own and is now trusted to go to the park with his friends. I did panic… Continue Reading “Oaxis Watch Phone Review”

#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club

#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club

Women in sport is a hot topic at the moment. Euro 2017 kicked off yesterday with both England and Scotland, who are in group D, playing on Wednesday evening, the Women’s Cricket World Cup is currently being hosted in the UK and the Wimbledon finals were held over the weekend. When I was at school girls were limited to Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Rounders but in this day and age girls are being positively encouraged to try their hand at… Continue Reading “#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club”

Room For a Little One: Getting your Home Primed for a Baby


Sure, you’re happy about expecting a brand-new baby, but you might be feeling utterly stressed out, as well. Don’t worry, new Mommy or Daddy. It’s totally natural to feel a combination of joy and anxiety at this wonderful time. In the interest of less stress for all concerned, we’re pleased to present a few savvy tips about how to cope with baby-proofing and other preparations in anticipation of your joyous occasion. What a newborn really needs Like it or not,… Continue Reading “Room For a Little One: Getting your Home Primed for a Baby”

All new Mixit Magazine for Girls

Mix It Magazine

My kids love getting magazines to read and Isaac devours ones such as WWE, Lego and Dr Who. Eliza on the other hand has yet to find any loyalty to one particular magazine, until now. New Mixit magazine from DJ Murphy Publishing is a brand new and totally unique multi-character magazine for girls aged 4-9. Mixit features all the hottest new brands that Eliza loves, such as Shopkins, DC Superhero Girls, Lego Friends and other much-loved classics. The interactive and fun-packed… Continue Reading “All new Mixit Magazine for Girls”

New Look World of Top Gear at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

World of Top Gear Launch

We last visited the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu back in April 2014 and our favourite area head to be the World of Top Gear. Although neither my husband or I are petrol heads, Top Gear is a show we love to watch and it is a real family affair as we will the presenters on to complete their challenges and laugh when they go awry. I had been worried that the show wouldn’t be the same without Clarkson, Hammond… Continue Reading “New Look World of Top Gear at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu”