An unconventional Mother’s Day

Mothers Day

Over the last few years Mother’s Day have been a bit hit and miss. Parents of teens will know that they have a habit of sleeping in late and forgetting what day of the week it is, never mind if it is a special occasion. This year I wrote Mother’s Day off before it even started as my husband and eldest son both work in retail and have to work weekends and I managed to book myself in two places… Continue Reading “An unconventional Mother’s Day”

Finding T-Rex at the Natural History Museum


It is has been a good few years since we last visited the Natural History Museum and after enjoying a trip to the National Museum of Scotland back in February half term we decided a visit was in order. We arrived in time for opening at 10am forgetting that there is always a huge queue at whichever entrance you choose, not great when your children announce they desperately need the loo. Thankfully the queue was relatively fast-moving and hubby shot off… Continue Reading “Finding T-Rex at the Natural History Museum”

Do you know your Wash Care Symbols?

LG Washing Machine

I am normally so careful with my washing. I separate the colours, wash whites together and almost always check the washing instructions, especially when I first buy an item of clothing. Now that I tend to buy our clothes online I always forget to check the washing instructions before I hit purchase and carelessly bought two tops that were hand wash only. Now, that is fine when I am doing the washing as I know that these tops need to… Continue Reading “Do you know your Wash Care Symbols?”

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Everywhere!!


Regular readers of my blog will know that Sebastian is dinosaur mad. He can often be found running around with a dinosaur in his hand shouting “Roar” at every opportunity, can name all the different dinosaurs in his book and is stupidly excited that the topic at pre-school is dinosaurs this half term. They even have a huge T-Rex and her baby in their classroom. We were sent some Schleich dinosaurs to review, which are a brilliant way to introduce… Continue Reading “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Everywhere!!”

#Win £250 to Spend with Tile Mountain

I cannot quite believe that we have been living in our home for 12 years now. In that time we have been busy updating it, changing the windows and installing a new kitchen in 2011 and a new bathroom in 2013. One of my favourite parts of updating the house is choosing the look and I remember spending hours looking for just the right tiles. 12 years in and we are fast running out of space in our house. We have… Continue Reading “#Win £250 to Spend with Tile Mountain”