Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill Review

Gazillion Bubbles

Gazillion Bubbles give kids the ultimate bubble experience!

The special formula used to create Gazillion Bubbles solution has been shown to create bigger, more plentiful bubbles.

New for 2017, the experience gets even bigger taking its superior bubble solution to another level as well as new gadgets and gizmos that will create bigger bubbles than ever before and we were sent the Giant Bubble Mill to test.

The Giant Bubble Mill is the ultimate large machine that blows giant bubbles!

Gazillion BubblesIt comes complete with an 8oz bottle of Giant Bubble Solution, key features include a rotating wheel that blows giant bubbles continuously, there’s no pump and no waiting!

Gazillion Bubbles

Simply insert 3 x AA batteries into the base, pour some bubble solution into the tray and press start to see hundreds of giant bubbles fill the garden.

Gazillion Bubbles

Gazillion Bubbles are premium bubbles and the solution refills come in 8oz, 2L and 4L bottles. The only thing I will say is that the machine doesn’t not work as well with cheaper bubble solutions so you will need to buy the special refills which are available from Argos priced £6.99 for a 2l bottle.

Gazillion Bubbles

All the kids love bubbles and it is lovely watching them chase around the garden trying to catch them. Roll on summer!


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