New Playsets from LEGO CHIMA

If you are a fan of building LEGO and love to build and battle with your vehicles and mini figures, then you’ll love the new playlets from LEGO CHIMA.

If you have not heard of CHIMA before it is a magical land which rolls from the majestic Mount Cavora where the CHI Falls provide life, harmony and balance.  The power of the CHI is stored in precious orbs, found within the mighty Lion Temple, where the noble beasts share the CHI equally amongst animal tribes.  But now, the crocs have a hunger for power and Cragger, the reptilian Prince has planned a revolt with the wily wolf pack and ravens in tow!

With sets starting from £8 to £99 there is a playlet suitable for all budgets.  Will you be the first to collect them all?

As LEGO Ambassadors we were sent the Worriz’ Combat Lair to review and it was a huge hit with both Kian and Isaac, although Kian had to build it as it is aimed at ages 8-14.

Howl into battle with Worriz’s Combat Lair! Go after Grizzam and Eris with a wolf powered combat creation featuring five detachable vehicles.

The set includes six mini figures with weapons: Worriz, Wilhurt, Wakz, Windra, Eris and Grizzam.

Kian is after the Lion Chi Temple next, although at £99 he mat be saving a while.  It does look very impressive though!  An epic battle has begun for the majestic Lion Chi Temple.  Cragger, Crawley and Razor are battling for their tribes and trying to reach the sacred CHI rod rising high above the temple.  Help fight everyone off and restore balance to Chima once again.  The set includes seven mini figures with weapons:  Lagravis, Laval, Longtooth, Ewald, Cragger, Crawley and Razor.


27 thoughts on “New Playsets from LEGO CHIMA

  1. AMummyToo says:

    Just WOW. My son would adore these.

  2. Jenny says:

    My children are still at the Duplo stage but this looks fun.

  3. Amanda says:

    I cannot wait until Oscar is old enough for real Lego… I have a feeling we’ll all be enjoying playsets like this, not just him 🙂

  4. Vicky Wombwell Kuhn says:

    This looks amazing! My son has mostly outgrown lego at 14, but I know he would be super struck with these. Mummy on the other hand only knows how to make houses 😉

  5. Cass@TheDiaryofaFrugalFamily says:

    We love Lego – it’s just timeless isn’t it?

  6. Lori | Wild and Grizzly says:

    wow that is some piece of Lego. F is still too young for the more complicated lego. I bet he’ll love this when he’s older though x

  7. Suzanne Whitton says:

    Oh my word, you lucky things, how did you get to be Lego ambassadors! My 9 yr old son is obsessed with lego but is yet to discover Lego Chima…..

  8. fritha strickland says:

    they look so cool! can’t wait for Wilf to be old enough for lego! x

  9. Tanya H says:

    That looks really cool.. my Jacob would love this, he is now getting into Lego. x

  10. Sophie is a bit young for Lego, but I can’t wait till she gets into it, this looks like such fun

  11. Mammasaurus says:

    Ooo we love LEGO and I love that bring out new ranges – something for everyone x

  12. Mary @over40andamumtoone says:

    We are going to have so much fun when Monkey is a bit older!

  13. Mums do travel says:

    LEGO is such a brilliant toy and these new sets look as good as ever

  14. Charly Dove says:

    Wow this looks fantastic Kara. We love Lego here too although we only have a couple of sets so far and a mahoosive bag of Duplo! I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before it needs its own room 🙂

  15. Natalie Lee says:

    oh wow love this.

  16. Hellies Corner says:

    Wow that’s a great vehicle, you can’t go wrong with lego.

  17. Janie P says:

    They look great, did your boys build them al in one sitting??

  18. Aly says:

    Oh my god! I WANT…I mean my kids would love these 😉

  19. Mum of One says:

    My husband would LOVE this LOL!

  20. New Mum Online says:

    We built a Chima set over Xmas (I think I got it in my Dream Toys goodie bag). Actually I got my niece to build it with Aaron as we are more used to Duplo. I am beginning to become a HUGE Lego fan, and we spent a LONG time in the Lego store in Westfield Stratford City recently.
    Liska xx

  21. anna m says:

    We’ve never tried the Chima lego but love the look of that temple, when mine get a bit bigger!

  22. Ruth Alexander-Smith says:

    Love the creativity of lego, just hate standing on the bits, always seem to be barefoot and at night!!

  23. Keri-Anne says:

    My little brother has just gotten into lego and his birthday is coming up soon! I know he would LOVE this x

  24. Eileen Teo says:

    This look great!

  25. BavarianSojourn says:

    That looks brilliant. My 6 year old is a massive Lego Star Wars fan… One present kept him occupied for almost the whole of Christmas day! 😀

  26. Michelle Ashmore says:

    All three of mine love lego and I have to admit, I love the lego sets as well! We had a girly dollhouse one sent to us and we loved working on it together 🙂

  27. Emma says:

    Z is just getting into the Chima LEGO, those sets look fantastic.

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