Silent Sunday – 13th October 2013

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Silent Sunday – 13th October 2013
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  1. Wonderful picture and she looks like she’s having so much fun! x

  2. fab shot, she looks like shes enjoying it

  3. Brilliant! You’ve captured the joy of a swing :)

  4. I bet there was an amazing chuckle to go with that smile x

  5. Oh bless! What a lovely swing photo!

  6. Brilliant photo. It’s so clear for a moving shot! :-) #MySundayPhoto

  7. Great shot!

  8. What a gorgeous photo! I love the look on their faces on a swing :)

  9. Can’t beat a good ride on a swing!

  10. She really looks happy up there! Hope she got bored before your arms got achey!

  11. Love this, she looks so happy.

  12. Aww! Fab photo! She looks like she’s having fun x

  13. Pure joy!

    Molly xo

  14. love it!

  15. Such joy!

  16. gorgeous photo and girl x

  17. What a capture! Look at her wee face, haha!

  18. A great capture of such happiness.

  19. Such a fab shot, and she looks so happy :-)

  20. What a happy girl. Looks like great fun x

  21. awww what a fantastic shot x

  22. Yay, I love swing shots. They’re so much fun x

  23. Looks gloriously happy!

  24. Awww what a gorgeous smile! :) x

  25. What a fabulous capture Kara. Wonderful :)

  26. That looks so high – and what a happy face. I struggle capturing motion like that – well done.

  27. Fabulous picture! She looks so happy.

  28. What a great action shot, such a beautiful smile!

  29. Yeeey, life is great and it only takes a swing for me to see this reality!

  30. Perfect capture – in mid swing and great smle

  31. That is amazing, look at the joy on her face, well done.

  32. Lovely shot – she looks gloriously happy :)

  33. Brilliant action shot. Such a happy photo

    Thank you for linking up

  34. Oh wow, what a FAB action shot!!!

  35. Weeeee fantastic photo. Captured perfectly!

  36. Aww that’s a lovely picture. It’s really hard to get the timing right when kids are on swings so well done !

  37. So cool when they are so happy, doing things they love!

  38. Brilliant capture! And such a happy face. Love it.

  39. Brilliant photo! She really looks like she’s flying :)

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