Project 365 – Week 43

This week has been all about the build up to half term, with Isaac asking if we are on holiday yet, everyday!!

We have seen sun, rain, thunder, lightening and are now battening down the hatches for the high winds they are forecasting from tomorrow.  We are supposed to be going on holiday to Trevella Park on Monday but it is looking as though it may be postponed as I don’t fancy staying in a caravan during 80mph winds.


293.  I popped into Boots to buy some Burt’s Bees cream for Sebastian and these Pudsey ears “fell” into my basket
294.  Eliza racing through puddles on her scooter – she was soaked by the time we got home
295.  Eliza having a much needed trim before the pram service at church where we have finally booked Sebastian’s christening
296.  Last swimming of the term means one thing – fun!!  She was whizzed around the pool on a board and in a giant rubber ring, but this was her favourite!
297.  Watching the lightening and listening for thunder – it’s not scary when it’s fun!
298.  Sebastian was trying so hard to tell Nanny something – just wish I knew what it was!
299.  A blustery walk along the beach at Sandbanks

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 43

  1. TheBoyandMe says:

    I think that photo on the beach is cracking! Lovely colours.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. Aw gorgeous photos, Trevella park is amazing, I am really jealous. I suspect that a pair of those ears will end up in my basket too at some point

  3. oh i always end up with things mysteriously landing into my basket/trolley when i am out shopping too! I love Sebastian’s chubby cheeks – he looks so content. i hope you are enjoying your holiday and the weather was kind to you last night x x

  4. Love 298 – soo cute – he does look like he is trying to say something!

  5. Laura CYMFT says:

    Lovely photos. My kids love fun swim at the end of their swimming block too!

  6. Erica Price says:

    Love the shot on the beach. I’m a bit worried about the effect of the weather on our plans for Monday too.

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