Bigjigs Signal Box

Our wooden train set is now one of the favourite toys once again in this house thanks to Bigjigs and our role as play patrol agents.

It started off when they sent us the Figure of 8 train set to review.  Both Isaac and Eliza loved playing with it, so I dug out our old wooden train set that has been handed down from Abbey and added to by the boys over the years.

The next item we received was the Triple Engine Shed.  This and our visit to Thomas Land started more knowledgeable role play involving the workings of a station, so you can imagine the excitement when we received the next addition to our train set – the Signal Box.

The Signal Box comes with a small black train, a signal man, two traffic lights and two road pieces.

We (when I see we, I mean “I”) had lots of fun building Isaac and Eliza a huge railway track across our play mats and then sat back and watched as they started happily playing together.

BigjigsBigjigs Toys

Isaac was quick to point out I had put the road on the wrong bit (silly Mummy) and set about changing my handy work so cars could go over the crossing properly.  The plastic barriers are simple to lift up and down when cars need to pass and there is even a barrier to stop the trains too.

If you are planning on buying additions to your wooden train track, then I would certainly recommend this Signal Box, as it creates a real transport network with trains and cars for extended imagination play.

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