Messy Me Has It Covered – Competition

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Messy Me Has It Covered – Competition
Mealtimes with little ones can be challenging and more often than not end up with lots of mess to clean up.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with your tot without the worry of having to spend ages washing and scrubbing afterwards? Now you can – introducing Messy Me, a collection of highchair covers, bibs and tunics that makes cleaning up spilt food a breeze! 

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The Messy Me range, which is made from high quality, soft and easy wipe oilcloth, has been designed with the messiest of mealtimes in mind. The super stylish bib and tunic are ideal for keeping little ones seriously covered up; the highchair cover cleverly ensures every nook and cranny is protected. Endless outfit washes and picking out leftovers from the sides of the highchair is sure to become a thing of the past with the protection of Messy Me.

The oilcloth means that any spilt food can quite simply be wiped clean in an instant, allowing tots to enjoy eating (and throwing) their scrumptious dinner – whilst mum and dad can remain calm and stress free in the knowledge that they can simply wipe the mess away! The fabric is beautifully soft, so it is comfortable and drapes well. It has a 100% cotton base for added breathability and a lovely gloss finish, which is harder wearing and resistant to most stains.

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All products from Messy Me are beautifully stylish and the cloth has been specially selected in a range of gorgeous designs and colours to cater for every style choice. Parents can choose from four different colours in the star design including – True Blue, Dusty Pink, Olive Grey and Classic Red and for the little girls who like the classic look; there is also the very trendy Vintage Floral.

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Helen Hibberd, the brains behind these beautiful and functional products said: “I am quite relaxed about mess and understand it’s an important part of childhood, but my youngest daughter was so messy – there came a point when changing her outfit three times a day and spending ages scrubbing soggy leftovers out of the corners in her highchair became too much to handle! I wanted to do something about this daily chore, so I invented Messy Me. It’s all about easy to use, lovely looking products which help you to stay sane, and enjoy time with your messy little ones!”

Messy Me also sells splashmats to protect the floor under the high chair and oilcloth by the metre – for gorgeous, yet practical tablecloths.  

I am taking part in the Bump PR blog trail and have a Messy Me Tunic worth £11.99 to giveaway – also taking part in the blog trail are:

Lilinhaangel giving away a personalised Bambino Band

We 3 Three giving away a Seedling Make your own Pencil Case Kit
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    1. i love the red stars one the best (mum_of_z)

    2. Vintage Rose :)

    3. true blue please

    4. Blue and white spot!

    5. love the vintage

    6. Red stars is my fave!

    7. Red stars is lovely!

    8. RED STARS

    9. Blue & white spots

    10. Dusty rose is pretty x

    11. I like the olive grey

    12. Blue spot for my little man please!

    13. I love the Vintage Floral but i know my daughter would want the red stars! :0) xx

    14. red stars:)

    15. true blue

    16. The Messy Tunic – Vintage Floral

    17. red stars

    18. red stars x

    19. It has got to be the red stars!

    20. I really the Vintage Floral

    21. vintage floral

    22. Red stars Great for Kids

    23. love the red stars one :)

    24. oops Red x

    25. Rd Stars x

    26. I Love the vintage floral

    27. Red Stars

    28. Red stars definitely! :)

    29. Vintage Floral

    30. Ooh Red Stars definitely – but they are all fab x

    31. vintage floral !

    32. Red Stars

    33. Love the vintage floral lush x
      Harley x

    34. LOVE The vintage Floral Design!Love your Blogs Too!X

    35. Red Stars.

    36. Red stars

    37. Classic Red

    38. I love the red stars

    39. Vintage floral
      Gul c

    40. Olive Grey

    41. Olive Grey

    42. Dusty rose

    43. I love the Vintage Floral the best :)

    44. the olive grey star one :) but only because its a unisex colour

    45. the olive grey star one :) but only because its a unisex colour

    46. the olive grey star one :) but only because its a unisex colour

    47. Red Stars

    48. Vintage Floral

    49. True Blue

    50. True Blue!

    51. Red stars x

    52. the red stars – ideal for my son or daughter

    53. the vintage floral

    54. the blue and white spots one

    55. The Messy Tunic – Vintage Floral :}

    56. I love True Blue :)

    57. blue and white spots is my favourite

    58. Love the red stars one.

    59. the red stars is my fav

    60. Olive grey

    61. Vintage Floral design

      tiffany wills

    62. The Olive Grey is my favourite

    63. Red stars

    64. Red stars!

    65. Live them all! But prob true blue stars

    66. I love the Dusty Rose

    67. True Blue

    68. The red one :) my daughter’s favourite colour

    69. red stars :)

    70. Red stars.

    71. The messy tunic, love the flowers! xx

    72. True blue is lovely

    73. The Vintage Floral

    74. Red stars is gorgeous!

    75. Red Stars

    76. I like true blue

    77. True Blue

    78. The red stars is my fave!

    79. The Messy Tunic – Vintage Floral

    80. Red Stars is my favourite @mandsmanc

    81. Vintage floral x

    82. Luurve the Red Stars

    83. Vintage floral

    84. …………… stars

    85. The Messy Tunic – Red Stars love the Red Stars one xoxox

    86. all very lovely but i like the red stars, nice, bright and unisex.

    87. i love the true blue one the best

    88. True blue :)

    89. the vintage floral design is gorgeous. x

    90. The Messy Tunic – True Blue

    91. blue and white spotty one! lovely :)

      Helen booth

    92. Grey


    94. - Red Stars

    95. blue dots fab

    96. The red polka dot is cute

    97. red stars is great

    98. vintage floral

    99. True Blue

    100. True Blue

    101. Vintage Floral

    102. True blue! xx

    103. i love the red stars design :)

    104. vintage floral x

    105. Red stars

    106. Love The Messy Tunic – Dusty Rose

    107. The vintage floral is adorable x

    108. vintage floral!!

    109. The vintage floral is fab

    110. Red Stars

    111. vintage floral

    112. The Messy Tunic – Red Stars

    113. I love the red stars

    114. Love the olive grey.

    115. Grey

    116. Vintage Floral

    117. True Blue

    118. the red and stars is nice

    119. Vintage floral :-)

    120. I like the red stars one.

    121. Red starts or blue and white spots

    122. I love the Red Stars x

    123. Red stars!


    124. I love the Olive Grey Messy Tunic

    125. my fave is the vintage floral @chanson2010

    126. I liked The Messy Tunic – Dusty Rose one! :)

    127. Red stars is gorgeous!

    128. Blue and white spot

    129. red stars

    130. True Blue is my favourite :)

    131. Red stars.

      Rachel Craig

    132. The Messy Tunic – Red Stars

    133. Blue and white spot

      Kathy D

    134. I love The Messy Tunic – Vintage Floral design! (I am a cath kidston fan!)

    135. love the red stars

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