Celebrity Cutout – Review and Giveaway

When I was invited to review Celebrity Cutouts with my teenagers I was intrigued……I mean what do you do with a cardboard cut out?

The first challenge was to decide who we wanted to get.  Abbey wanted Channing Tatum but they don’t do that yet, and the boys were busy reeling off names of gorgeous young ladies.  In the end sense prevailed and we all made the decision that we wanted Keith Lemon as we could have lots of fun with him.

I did have lots of plans for Keith in the school holidays, but he arrived after they had returned to school.  In fact he arrived when I was on the afternoon school run and Kian had taken delivery and set him up in the window…….I nearly had heart failure when I saw him there and lots of parents (and kids) were wondering why I had Keith Lemon in the window.

Keith Lemon
Not a burglar

My husband was mowing the lawn a couple of days ago and the family opposite asked if we were related to Keith as they had seen him in the window.  I am ashamed to say that hubby said yes (and they believed him)! *oh the shame*

Keith soon made himself at home.  Apparently he felt a little tired after his journey….

Keith Lemon
and then he demanded a shower…..

Keith Lemon
Keith may be a joker, but he does have a generous side too and when he heard that my friend Joanne from CharlieMoos was doing a Ladies Driving Challenge for Marie Curie Cancer Care he volunteered his time to give them some moral support.
Keith Lemon
Ready to Drive a Tank

He went off to Bovington Tank Museum and was more than happy to be surrounded by a lot of fitties!!

Ladies Driving Challenge, Bovington
These ladies are Bang Tidy (hope they’re not lesbikons)

Photo’s done it was then time to get on with the day, although Keith did insist on a comfort break first!

Ladies Driving Challenge

Despite not being a lady, he even got to have a go too although we have yet to persuade him to make a donation here.

Bovington ladies driving challenge

Don’t be a Dingbat – STOP!!!

I have to say we have had lots of fun with Keith and I have a list of people who want to borrow him for various events.  Today he is at the MacMillan coffee morning at the school and my SIL is taking him into hospital to cheer up the night shift workers (she is a nurse).

Uh Oh

He is made from sturdy cardboard and folds up nice and neatly, so is easy to store in a cupboard or wardrobe and transport wherever you wish to take him.

Celebrity Cutout have lots of popular celebrities to choose from and I have persuaded the school PFA to purchase One Direction for the school fayre as they will create a real stir amongst the kids and it is a great way of raising money for the school that won’t break the bank.  I think these cutouts are a great way of gaining attention when trying to raise money for charities or for adding another dimension to kids parties / events and perfect for taking along to festivals too!

I am now off to find Keith a suitable Halloween outfit, I think he would make a great addition to our Trick & Treat team!

The wonderful team at Celebrity Cutout are giving my readers the opportunity to win a celebrity cutout of their choice up to the value of £32.97.

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    116 thoughts on “Celebrity Cutout – Review and Giveaway

    1. Darlene says:

      A Gary Barlow one for me please!! Massive fan of his!! We don’t have many GB things in Belgium so it’d make me sooo happy!!

    2. Gino Thatter says:

      Mark Owen one would be AMAZING but I don’t know if they are available so if not then Captain Gary Barlow for me please XD xXx

    3. Gino Thatter says:

      I would LOVE to win a Mark Owen Cutout but I don’t think they are around so I will happily settle for Gary Barlow XD xXx

    4. Anonymous says:

      Pharrell Williams so I can stare at him allllll day 🙂

    5. Anonymous says:

      Because hes my idol and insperation and i love him lots and lots!!!!♥♥♥

    6. Emma Lewis says:

      Taylor Lautner so I can sit there and drool.
      Love your pics, very funny!

    7. Wendy Guy says:

      David Beckham

    8. Carol Boffey says:

      Stephen moyer from true blood

    9. Annie Costa @LaaMoii says:

      Simon Cowell

    10. Anonymous says:

      Harry from 1D for my daughter……or a man with muscles for myself….hmmm Jason Statham……choices choices!!

      becci cleary

    11. Sally Poole says:

      Like you I love Keith Lemon

    12. HayleyT says:

      It would have to be Zayn Malik for my eldest daughter! She would love me forever!

    13. Allan Fullarton says:

      Mila Kunis

    14. sue seaman says:

      brad pitt so i can show him the sights

    15. jen russon says:

      Gary Barlow! Its the only way I’m gonna get him in my bedroom lol!

    16. VeridianStorm@aol.com says:

      Mila Kunis, because she’s gorgeous

    17. jodie harvey says:

      james arthur….DROOOOOL!!!!!

    18. claire griffiths says:

      johnny depp for me 🙂

    19. IRIELADY says:

      It has to be Harry Styles!

    20. maddymonster says:

      Justin Bieber… for my daughter not me I hasten to add.

    21. Tressa Herriott says:

      Jonny Depp for sure

    22. glossy23 says:

      Robbie Williams
      He’s my idol !

    23. Natalie Crossan says:

      I think I’d have to have Keith Lemon for the laughs 🙂

    24. Katie Walden says:

      It would have to be Boris Johnson, my friend loves him. I’d leave it at her desk at work for her!

    25. zeenie says:

      id have jonny depp

    26. sam cornford says:

      Doctor Who, although i’m undecided between Matt Smith and David Tennant….

    27. annaleigh03 says:

      olly murs for my daughter as shes such a huge fan, but we struugle to find olly merchandise as its all 1d

    28. annaleigh03 says:

      olly murs as my daughter is such a big fan,we really struggle to find olly murs posters etc as its all 1d

    29. Phyllis Ellett says:

      Has to be Harry Styles for our Grace

    30. Michelle says:

      Would have to be the one and only POTATO ! Keith Lemon 🙂

    31. Anonymous says:

      Len Goodman… legend!

    32. Ali S says:

      For me personally it would be olly murs (mmmm) but my daughter would never forgive me if I didn’t choose Harry Styles!

    33. Vicky Hallnewman says:

      brad pitt for me

    34. David Allen says:

      Tom Jones Lifesize Cutout for my sister

    35. stephen holman says:

      i would like the mila kuis one but ive got a feeling that would be vetoed and my girlfriend would demand the daniel craig or brad pitt one instead!!

    36. honiebuk says:

      Hugh Jackman – you need an explanation for this, seriously ha ha!
      Oh alright then, to errr be my playground Mummy buddy ha ha

    37. honiebuk says:

      Hugh Jackman – you need an explanation for this, seriously ha ha!
      Oh alright then, to errr be my playground Mummy buddy ha ha

    38. mark Kemp says:

      benedict cumberbatch for my niece

    39. Robyn Logan Clarke says:

      Keith Lemon, what a laugh

    40. Clint Howat says:


    41. Megan Hughes says:

      It would have to be either Olly Murs or Nick from the Jonas brothers for my daughter

    42. tracy scutt says:

      Ian Somerhalder for my friend who is a incy tincy bit of a fan. He can spend the holidays with me 🙂 x

    43. Tattooed_Mummy says:

      Oh even though I have a cut out of Jessie J already, and had Danny (from the Script) for the summer I still want more!! You look like you had awesome fun!! I want Tom Jones now – or the Queen!

    44. Mike Gerrie says:

      I think it would be quite funny to have a Keith Lemon cut out, ooooo the fun i could have……………….

    45. jessica agyin says:

      harry styles cause shes cute

    46. Karen says:

      Robbie – coz he’s gorgeous!

    47. Karen says:

      Robbie Williams because he’s gorgeous!

    48. Catherine Bell says:

      Zayn from 1d as my niece loves him and I would give it to her

    49. Solange says:

      Henry Cavill because he’s yummy

    50. soozwales says:

      Rowan Atkinson

    51. Lucie Faraday says:

      Doctor who!

    52. Julie Baxter says:

      i would pick one of the one direction boys for my step daughter cuz she loves them

    53. Pam Francis Gregory says:

      Robbie williams

    54. Julie Howarth says:

      Professor Green – for my daughter

    55. Louise Cochran-Mason says:

      Tom Hardy

    56. Liquorice says:

      Declan Donnelly

    57. Scott Fallon says:

      Johnny Depp (Black) for my mum.

    58. clairew137 says:

      Gary Barlow – because I adore him.

    59. andrea lloyd says:

      harry styles for my niece who loves one direction

    60. Lucy Mitchell says:

      I would probably get Taylor Momsen because she is awesome.

    61. Tony Allan says:

      Keith lemon

    62. Karen Christmas says:

      It would have to be the cheeky chappy Olly Murs , my daughter adores him !

    63. Annwen says:

      I’d have to choose Harry Styles for my obsessed little girl!

    64. Gillian Hale says:

      The Queen would be awesome then she could be at all my get togethers!! Would also lend her to the school for summer fetes

    65. MamaMummyMum says:

      Think it would have to be harry styles for my 5 year old daughter x

    66. Helen Hunt says:

      Harry Styles for my daughter, I’ve not yet managed to get tickets for her to seem them live so this might make up for it 🙂

    67. tracey thompson says:

      George Clooney…..well if I cant have the real thing

    68. Mummy of Two says:

      Daniel Craig!

    69. Emma Asante says:

      Lots of hot totty to choose for myself.. but I would get Louis from 1D for my daughter!

    70. Linda Hobbis says:

      The Queen – to add a bit of style to meal times.

    71. Esther James says:

      Matt Cardle Lifesize Cutout for my friend!

    72. Beky Austerberry says:

      It would be Harry Styles for my daughter!

    73. bloomers says:

      Gary Barlow, because he is my dream man (don’t tell hubby)

    74. katrina walsh says:

      id choose johnny depp – my engagement party in October is mad hatters themed and he made a wonderful hatter so would love to have ‘him’ there x

    75. Lynn says:

      I’d love to win the tom Hardy cutout for my friend who’s an absolute TH superfan

    76. PlastigFfantastig says:

      Harry Styles probably

    77. CALLUM DAVIES says:

      Warwick Davis (frances hopkins)

    78. Vi Goriami says:

      Robert Downey Jnr, because we love Iron Man! 🙂

    79. Anonymous says:

      Harry Styles for my daughter

    80. Louise Hart says:

      Boris Johnson. I think we would have fun with that….

    81. Kat Lucas says:

      Bradley Cooper as he is yummy

    82. Tammy Tudor says:

      Jessie J 🙂

    83. Anonymous says:

      Patrick Stewart! Brilliant for the photobooth at our wedding next year!

    84. Julie roo says:

      Jenson button! Of course. 😉 cause I might like him *a little bit*

    85. Roxanne Hall says:

      Dr Tim Minchin – he’s a funny, clever and inspiring man, who’d also be nice to look at on a daily basis!

    86. nicolaking92 says:

      Definitely Justin Timberlake

    87. sarah rees says:

      johnny depp 🙂

    88. Anonymous says:

      Robbie Williams

    89. Allan Smith says:

      Johnny Depp (Black) Lifesize Cutout

    90. Claire Toplis says:

      Dan snow ooooh swoons

    91. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

      Daniel Craig because he’s brilliant

    92. Jennie Silver says:

      I’m torn between two but have to go for Denzel Washington for oh so many reasons. To have even a cardboard cutout of him would be soooo lovely. This is an awesome giveaway, thanks x

    93. Laura says:

      Ok dont laugh… Id love to get Edward Grimes.. then later on I could get John and have Jedward in my bedroom <3 yay

    94. Amy Lou says:

      Johnny Depp!!

    95. maci234 says:

      elvis presley

    96. lynsey buchanan says:

      Olly Murs my niece loves him so I would give it to her

    97. Kate says:

      Jenson Button

    98. Jo Glasspool says:

      Robert Pattinson

    99. MyLittleLblog says:

      mila kunis maybe

    100. Emma Jones says:

      I love Keith lemon!! He’s the funniest man around lol so I would have to pick him 🙂 x

    101. Rebecca Phillips says:

      LMAO your photos are hilarious!!

      I’d have to choose Niall Horan for my sister!

    102. Anonymous says:

      George Clooney!

    103. PinkOddy says:

      oh I love how you put him in the police car

    104. Isabel says:

      Patrick Stewart for my sister!

    105. Amy Beckett says:

      Danny O’Donoghue for my mum

    106. Katharine says:

      George Clooney because my mum (and I) love him 🙂

    107. scott Holloway says:

      Nicki Minaj my nephew loves her

    108. Adam Sykes says:

      Dave Hester as he is a legand

    109. Zoe says:

      I would have Justin Beiber for my sister because she sort of accidentally collects his merchandise. I think it started as a joke.. But I know she would love love love a cardboard cut out to add to the collection.

    110. sarah rowley says:

      William Shat er or Carl Sagan for us!

    111. pipaluk says:


    112. Tracy K Nixon says:

      Robbie Williams!

    113. Tara says:

      Rowan Atkinson for sure!! Sad they don’t have Derren brown, though I don’t think me fiancé would be happy…

    114. Lauren says:

      omg id so love to win a Niall Horan cut out!!

    115. Louise Fairweather says:

      One of the 1D ones for my niece

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