Saturday is Caption Day – 8th June 2013

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Saturday is Caption Day – 8th June 2013
We had Isaac’s Sports Day at school on Wednesday and I am very proud to say that he did really well and actually won two of his races.

I do have my sneaky suspision that Eliza may have put off some of the other racers though – look what I caught her doing!!

Go on – give it your best caption!!

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  1. We’ll I’ve seen people do this at all the major sporting events!

  2. He’s not the athletic one! Look at these abs of steel!!

  3. Gimme an I, gimme an S, gimme an A, gimme an A, gimme a C…

  4. It’s not helping him cheat – it’s self expression!

  5. Cheerleaders get younger every year.

  6. Oh! Boys!!!!

  7. *Sings* Flash, ahh, ahhhhh…..

  8. That’s it, they’re all distracted, now run Isaac, run!!

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