Disneyland Paris – Day 5 and Time to Go Home

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Disneyland Paris – Day 5 and Time to Go Home

Our final day at Disneyland Paris and he had to be out of our room by 11am, but we were packed and gone much earlier as wanted to make the most of our final day in the park.

Thankfully we didn’t have to cart our cases around with us, as we left them with the hotel who would make sure they were waiting for us at the station in plenty of time for our train that was due to leave at 6pm.

We started the day with the Buzz Lightyear Laser Quest and It’s a Small World (again) before completing some of the rides we had missed earlier in the week, like Thunder Mountain.  

Disneyland Paris

In fact we spent most of the day in Walt Disney Studios as hubby was desperate to drag Kian onto the Tower of Terror!

Disneyland Paris

Meanwhile, the littlies and I decided on something far more sedate – watching the Playhouse Disney show, where even waiting requires singing and dancing!

 We made the most of the shows, and thoroughly enjoyed singing along and dancing to Animagique again as well as hunting down some more characters for their autographs.

The latter half of the afternoon was spent looking around the shops, spending their birthday / holiday money.  Isaac bought a Buzz Lightyear Laser gun which was just like the one in his favourite ride, and Eliza bought a large cuddly Stitch (despite not actually liking him when we met him).

The day went fast and we were soon at the station waiting for our train.  I have to say that it isn’t a great place to wait as there is no seating area whilst waiting to go through passport control and the queuing system was non-existent.

Passport control was a nightmare too.  They only had one member of staff on and as for the security controls – well they were terrible.  There was a couple in front of us with a disabled child in a wheelchair and a child in a buggy, and they expected them to put their baggage through the machine AND the wheelchair and buggy, with no assistance whatsoever.

Even we were a little stressed out about trying to organise our gang and the staff just watched and tutted as we fussed about.

Once we were through, it was straight down onto the waiting train which was thankfully a lot less hassle.

We set the kids up with toys etc and set off for home.

Tired children and trains don’t make for the best combination and I have to admit that there were a few tears.  I do wish I had brought their pyjamas to change into, as they all fell asleep once we reached the car two hours later and it was a nightmare trying to transfer them to bed once home, but we managed.

We had a fantastic time and will be saving hard to do it all again!

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