Skylanders Homework Pack

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Skylanders Homework Pack

Isaac was thrilled when we received a very special Skylanders delivery for Half Term – The Skylanders Homework pack.

By far the favourite item in the pack is the Skylanders book bag, which has now ousted his “school” book bag and gets lots of envious glances from other kids on the journey to school.  In fact, it is a great conversation starter, so I am normally bombarded with Skylanders information all before 9am!!

Also included was a homework diary, sticker chart and stickers to ensure all homework was completed and rewarded along with some Skylanders cards and some coloured pencils.

Isaac isn’t a big fan of homework normally, but this was homework with a difference!!

Monday – we learned Skylanders history
Tuesday – Science – all the Skylanders are born from the elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Air and then Undead, Magic and Tech!
Wednesday – Toy Types – the difference between a Giant, lightcore and regular Skylanders.
Thursday – Game Characters – proof my boys know EVERY single Skylander out there!
Friday – We designed our own Skylander (although I rather think they cheated as they have been watching the new Skylanders swap-force YouTube video on repeat!!)

If ever there was proof my boys love Skylanders – just take a look at this lot!

Skylanders collection

The stickers have come in really handy too, as he is using a sticker chart at home and is saving really hard for Pop Fizz……..only one more to go!!

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  1. That is a pretty cool set – love it

    • BTW – Reaching your blog through social fabric and happy to learn about a new blog in our community

    • I have added you to my list too – nice to meet you!!

  2. We enjoyed the homework too, and I am much more knowledgeable about Skylanders :-)

    • My knowledge pales into insignificance though when you talk to the boys – sort of just get a blank look lol!!

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