When I opened this meme from the very lovely trickycustomer the first words I saw were: “Don’t worry this is not a quiz.”……………………… Phew

This is new meme of sorts that gives us all a chance to share what blogs we’ve been reading and which posts have left a lasting impression on us. Tell your readers which blog posts have made you laugh, cry, think OMG! or just got you thinking.

It might just be a photograph that really touched you. Doesn’t have to be a written post. Although the idea is that you mention posts you’ve been reading or perhaps revisited that week, the posts themselves don’t have to have been written that same week (still with me?). You don’t have to fill out all the entries, you may still be waiting for that WOW post or perhaps you are still looking for that post to inspire you. Just fill out what you want to.

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Laugh:   This is an easy one for me.  If ever I am feeling in need of a lift, I go and re-visit this post:  Monkey Jungleby the very funny and brilliant The Dorset Chronicles – Diary of a Farmers Wife

Have Goosebumps / Cry:  It has to be Regaining My Life by Innocent Charms Chats it made me re-visit my own issues, but I have not yet found the courage to blog about them.

Smiles:  Saying Goodbye to Dental Floss Knickers by Northern Mum – brilliantly written and oh so true. 

Feel Inspired:  Help Me by the very special This Mummy Loves – she is organising a fund raiser for a very special little boy whom she has never met (yet).

Angry:  Child Benefit Cock Up by The Mummy Blogger.  I am not angry with her, but with the broken system that appears to be trying to stop parents from working!

Bookmark to Read again:  THe Dorset Chronicles – Diary of a Farmers Wife – my second entry for this blog, but all her posts are just genius!

Say OMG!:  You’re Patriotic to the Point of being Racist – a brilliantly written post by My Cuntry Manor

Feel Hungry:  Pretty much every recipe English Mum posts makes my mouth water!

Say WOW:  I love Sticky Fingers blog by Tara Cain.  I love photography and look forward to The Gallery linky every week.  Her photographs are stunning!

Tricky Customer

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