The all new Bournemouth #Pierzip at Rockreef Review

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The all new Bournemouth #Pierzip at Rockreef Review

We are huge fans of Rockreef and have visited a few times since it first opened back in June.  On our first visit Isaac could barely get to the halfway point on the climbing walls then, but can now be found scaling the highest walls proudly hitting the buzzers at the top.

Kian also enjoyed his birthday at Rockreef and got to try out the High Line which he charged around with his friend doing 4 laps of the challenge.  He also attempted the vertical slide and the leap of faith which isn’t for the faint hearted!

The one thing we have all been desperate to try is the PierZip though, which finally opened last weekend – it is the first Pier to shore Zip Wire experience in the world with a launch tower towering above the sea at the end of Bournemouth Pier, giving an exhilarating “zip surf” over the waves to the beach. It is also a dual line so you can “fly” with friends or family or race them to the beach?

When you look at it from the beach, the tower doesn’t look that high and it is not until you are stood at the top, out of breath because of all the stairs, that it really hits you how high it is!

Hubby and Kian went first and made it look easy.  Firstly you get kitted out in harnesses at the bottom of the tower before climbing to the top where you get hooked onto the line and complete a safety briefing.  The gates are then opened and off you go.

Then it was my turn!

I bought tickets for Abbey but she didn’t want to do it, so her boyfriend Paul joined me instead.


Wow – it is really high and I made the mistake of looking down as I was about to go…….safe to say I had a wobble and Paul was gone.  It took them a minute to coax me out and I sat back into the harness so it took my weight before shuffling out…………… IT IS AMAZING.

I may have held on all the way down but I loved it and cannot wait to do it all over again, only being a bit braver next time.  Even the landing was easy as the wire gently puts the brakes on as you approach the landing zone on the beach and their is a member of staff there to help you unhook.

The PierZip is open all year, although may be closed in adverse weather and anyone over 1.2 metres can have a go.  To book simply visit the Rockreef website where you can get a discount for booking online.  I do recommend booking a few days before as the slots get snapped up fast.

Rockreef can also be round on twitter at @Rockreef_UK and facebook to keep up to date with all the news and special offers!



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The long and the short of it

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The long and the short of it

Isaac has never been tall – Fact!

Looking back at his red book he always followed the 9th centile and with dad being 5ft 8″ and mum 5ft 3″ none of our children are ever going to be giants.  He is affectionately known as “Little Isaac” at Beavers and school.

Last week I took Sebastian to the GP as he had a tummy bug that lasted a week and I wanted to get him check out.  Whilst we were there the GP was chatting to Isaac and was surprised to learn that he was 6 – she thought he was in reception at school.

She immediately brought his notes up and noted her concerns over his height and asked that I contact the school nurse for it to be monitored as he may be missing a growth hormone.

It didn’t really register at the time as I was still more concerned with Sebby, but as he has got better I keep finding myself dwelling on Isaac’s height.

We measured him at the end of the school holidays as he was invited to drive a Go Kart at the Daytona track and he had to be 107cm tall………he was exactly 107cm, which means that he has grown 7cm in the last 9 months as he was still free at Paultons Park when we went to meet Father Christmas last year (you pay if they are over 1m).

Today I dug out his red book to plot him on the chart.

He is not even on the chart – well below the bottom centile of 0.4!

So my “little Isaac” is little.  His peers that were the same height as him in Reception are noticeably taller than him now.  The question is, is it his genes or does he have a hormone deficiency?

Only time will tell.

Have you or your children got any experience of this?


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