Angel Express School Nativity Play

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Angel Express School Nativity Play

I have long bemoaned the fact that children don’t seem to perform traditional nativity plays anymore and last years offering of the Christmas story even had references to mobile phones and a satnav.

When I heard the title of this years performance I didn’t get my hopes up for the traditional story, however I was pleasantly surprised.

“Angel Express” follows the excitement of heaven’s host of angels as they hurriedly practise a new song for the birth of baby Jesus – this will have to be an express production! Can the conductor prepare them in time with so many distracting headlines?

Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!” ‘Mary and Joseph Leave for Bethlehem’

“Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!”  ‘Enormous Star Seen In the East’

“Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!”  ‘Three Kings Sighted From Afar’

Can you guess which part Isaac had?

Yep – I am the proud mum of Angel Gabriel who had to come on the stage at frequently intervals saying “Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!”.  Isaac and his friend Daniel, who played the conductor, definitely stole the show.

Angel ExpressEach class in the lower school had a role and the youngest Nursery class, which included Eliza, had to sing and dance as the stars.  It was a lovely Nativity based story with fun songs and dances that had us all clapping along.

I was so proud of Isaac who helped the Nursery Class perform their song and do the moves by dancing at the front so they could follow him.  It did get a little bit overwhelming for Eliza who burst into tears once her performance finished but she was quickly reassured by her teacher.

I am quite sad that this will be Isaac’s last year doing the Nativity, however, I am sure he will be star of the show in the Upper school plays that happen around Easter.

Did your children do a traditional Nativity this year?



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Excitement Overload!

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Excitement Overload!

My kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement and have been busy counting down the days to various activities including:

  • School Christmas Fayre
  • School Christmas Party
  • Beavers Christmas Party
  • Soft Play Christmas Party

I managed to duck the Christmas party at Lemur Landings as it was hubby’s Christmas do the same evening, so Abbey kindly stepped in for me.  Isaac won his dancing competition and they all had a fabulous time by all accounts.

Then of course there is our impending visit to Coombemill where we will be staying for Christmas and then Christmas Day itself. It is the first Christmas in a number of years that we will all be together and that is adding to the excitement.

Isaac is like a spinning top bouncing off the walls (literally) and shouting ALL the time, whereas Eliza has become very whingey, moans about everything and had the biggest meltdown I have ever seen whilst shopping as I wouldn’t buy her anything!

I have been a bit stressed, trying to get presents wrapped, food ordered and cases packed but I know it’ll be worth it as  I will relax as soon as we arrive.

The boys are going to have a lovely surprise when they get back too, as my friend is house-sitting and decorating their bedroom whilst she is here.  She has even promised the cleaning fairy may pay a visit and I am half expecting to see the cats struggling to get through the cat flap when we get home as she will spoil them rotten!

How are you coping with the build up to Christmas?

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