Feel Better About The Way You Look With These Useful Tips


If you have ever felt frustrated about your appearance, know that you aren’t alone. Many of us do, be that because of the clothes we wear, the tired face that looks back at us from the other side of the mirror, or because of the people that we compare ourselves against.  When we don’t like the way we look, we can sometimes lose confidence. We might run away from social situations, or we might dwell on all of the things… Continue Reading “Feel Better About The Way You Look With These Useful Tips”

Finding outdoor activities to do with the kids with The Beach Book

Beach Book

You don’t need to live right on the water’s edge to have fun at the beach! We were invited to review the Beach Book, which is all about finding wild places at the seaside, as well as by lakes and rivers and making the most of opportunities to explore and enjoy all these places have to offer. The book gives plenty of ideas of fun activities to keep the kids, and adults entertained. I gave the kids the book to… Continue Reading “Finding outdoor activities to do with the kids with The Beach Book”

Review: Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set

Geomag Mechanics

Homeschooling is starting to get repetitive now, with an emphasis on the core subjects of Maths and English. We have been itching for some scientific fun in our house, so when we were offered the Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set to review, we could not wait to get building this unique, exciting and educational toy. The system is made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and elements of different shapes such as cylinders and modular parts which will provide… Continue Reading “Review: Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set”

Outdoor Fun with Wicked Vision Toys

Mega Bounce Ball

Keeping the kids active can be a real challenge at any time, but has been especially difficult during the lockdown period, with access to outdoor spaces and parks restricted. Once homeschooling is over, my kids are normally keen to get on their games consoles and play with their friends and would stay there for the majority of the day given half a chance. One thing that gets them moving for a walk is the promise of taking a ball or… Continue Reading “Outdoor Fun with Wicked Vision Toys”