Saturday is Caption Day – 25th June 2016

Hello and welcome to Saturday is Caption Day #satcap. If you have not taken part before please come and join in. Simply find a funny / cheeky / captionable photo and upload it to your blog or instagram with a sentence or three about it. Then link it up with me below and visit the other people who link up and have a giggle as you come up with some humourous captions! Last weekend we headed out to Avon Beach… Continue Reading “Saturday is Caption Day – 25th June 2016”

Celebrating Sebby’s Birthday at Hollywood Bowl

We used to love going bowling and used to take Abbey, Callan and Kian frequently when they were younger, but we have never taken Isaac, Eliza and Sebby. Isaac was invited to a bowling party a few weeks ago but was sadly ill and ever since has been nagging us to take him, so we arranged to go as a treat for Sebby’s birthday. Our nearest bowling alley is Hollywood Bowl at Tower Park, Poole which has recently undergone a… Continue Reading “Celebrating Sebby’s Birthday at Hollywood Bowl”

What a birthday is like when you are a parent!


Once you get passed the age of 21, birthday’s don’t really matter anymore, well unless it is a big milestone birthday. Yesterday was my birthday and it was just like any other day, albeit with a stream of facebook “Happy Birthday” comments (thank you if you sent me a message) and a couple of cards and thoughtful gifts to open. I got a few lovely Happy Birthday messages from fellow Mum’s at the school gates with a “what have you… Continue Reading “What a birthday is like when you are a parent!”

Now that you’re three!

Burton Bradstock

Where did that time go? It only feels like yesterday that we welcomed you into the family. My smallest baby at just 6lb 10oz despite having gestational diabetes and being told you would be huge. You were also my only sunroof baby, giving us a real fright before thankfully arriving safe and sound. Happy 3rd Birthday Sebby! You have gone from my chilled out baby, into a mischievous toddler who has the whole family wrapped around your little finger. You… Continue Reading “Now that you’re three!”