New things to see at SEA LIFE Weymouth

New things to see at SEA LIFE Weymouth

Sebastian adores sea creatures and being Merlin Pass Holders we head down to our local SEA LIFE Centre in Weymouth at least once a month. Between 14th May and 12th June SEA LIFE Centres all over the country are hosting Mister Maker Creature Makes where the kids can learn how to create their favourite sea creatures in the interactive craft zone, and on your journey through SEA LIFE, collect the materials you need to make their very own crab at… Continue Reading “New things to see at SEA LIFE Weymouth”

The MoneySuperMarket One Week Energy Challenge


The MoneySuperMarket One Week Energy Challenge is about highlighting how we take prized possessions for granted and what happens when we don’t have those items anymore. For example, energy bills could be too high, so sacrifices have to be made and it’s no longer possible to afford to use a Nutribullet or laptop anymore. Fortunately, MoneySuperMarket enables you to find the right energy deals for you to save money and keep your beloved items. Should you want to try to save more money, MoneySuperMarket can provide the best… Continue Reading “The MoneySuperMarket One Week Energy Challenge”

Saturday is Caption Day – 21st May 2016 #satcap

Saturday is Caption Day

Hello and welcome to Saturday is Caption Day #satcap. If you have not taken part before please come and join in. Simply find a funny / cheeky / captionable photo and upload it to your blog or instagram with a sentence or three about it. Then link it up with me below and visit the other people who link up and have a giggle as you come up with some humourous captions! Last week we headed to Bournemouth Pier as… Continue Reading “Saturday is Caption Day – 21st May 2016 #satcap”

Is Chivalry Dead?


This morning I read a brilliant blog post on Why I don’t want men to offer me a seat on the train by the lovely Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog, however it got me wondering if chivalry is dead. As the parent of 4 boys, two of them in their mid to late teens I have always drummed in to them to be polite and courteous and to treat women with respect and I am proud to say that they are… Continue Reading “Is Chivalry Dead?”